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The Boomer Impact

Award-winning author and pollster Michael Adams draws on two decades' worth of data to describe his generation's thoughts on topics ranging from retirement and spirituality to sexuality and funeral plans.

As Canada’s Baby Boomers (over 9 million men and women) enter the second half of their adult lives, pollster and analyst Michael Adams draws on over twenty years of data to describe his generation’s thoughts on topics ranging form retirement and spirituality to sexuality and funeral plans. Adams divides Boomers into four social-values “tribes,” and will outline each tribe’s approach to health, technology, family, consumption, spirituality, and politics, as well as their projected impact on society. The trend and insight Adams finds are invaluable to policy makers, human resource professionals, and anyone seeking to understand where Baby Boomers – and the rest of us – are headed in the years to come

Michael Adams, Environics co-founder, leading pollster, and author of Stayin’ Alive: How Canadian Baby Boomers Will Work, Play and Find Meaning in the Second Half of their Adult Lives.

An event co-produced with TVO's Big Ideas