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The Emerging Politics of Technology

John Duffy, Liberal strategist and principal at StrategyCorp, on the political (and policy) impact of increasingly fast-paced technological change.

During his tenure as advisor to the Right Honourable Paul Martin, Mr. Duffy became preoccupies with the role of technology in our thinking about policy and politics. Whether it is reproductive research, the environment or energy, the increasingly fast pace of technological development forces governments to develop policies that will anticipate their impact.

“For over 200 years, since the dawn of the industrial revolution, we’ve been wrestling with who will carry the risks and who will gain the rewards associated with technology,” Mr. Duffy said recently. “Now, if you believe as I do, that we are fundamentally compromising the web of life on this planet, we are looking at a situation where we as a country have to get the equation right, on a number of levels, or we are literally doomed.”

The politics of technology already is and will very much continue to be at the forefront of Canada’s public policy debates. What role should citizens play when it comes to high-tech innovations? As Mr. Duffy points

John Duffy is a Liberal strategist and principle at StrategyCorp.

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