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We Can’t Drink Oil

When it comes to protecting Canada's water, warns environmental write Andrew Nikiforuk, no one can afford to stand idle.

Canada, a water-rich country, now champions a militant new vision for the economy. Ottawa wants to become a global energy superpower by exporting unconventional hydrocarbons. But petro states operate like plantation economies, observes Nikiforuk: everything is sacrificed or subjected to the goal of oil or gas exports. Consequently, he argues, Canada’s water resources and legislation (such as the Fisheries Act and Navigable Waters Protection Act)have come under sustained attack by pipeline lobbyists and the Harper government.

Drawing upon stories about the extreme water demands of Alberta’s tar sands, hydraulic fracturing and the impact of ruptured pipelines, Nikiforuk will outline the scale of the assault on our water resources. But he will also highlight the inspiring example of aboriginal women responding with civic strength, through the Idle No More movement.

Andrew Nikiforuk is an award-winning investigative journalist and policy analyst, whose critically acclaimed books include Empire of the Beetle, The Tar Sands and, most recently, The Energy Slaves, nominated for the W.O. Mitchell City of Calgary Book Award.