The LRC Presents…

Rebuilding Ontario

With Matthew Mendelsohn and Mike Moffatt

The cities and towns of our province’s once mighty manufacturing base are facing the fallout of global economic change that has seen tens of thousands of jobs being shed, year-after-year. In our nation’s most populous city—Toronto—we are insulated from its full impact, but catch glimpses of this seismic economic shift.

Recently, the Mowat Centre released its report “Ontario Made,” outlining the history of this decline and offering a roadmap to move our province forward. Matthew Mendelsohn, Director of the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto, kicks off the evening by providing context—what Torontonians are experiencing vs. the rest of the province—using “Ontario Made” as his touchstone. He is then joined for a conversation by Mike Moffatt, economist and Assistant Professor at London’s Ivey School of Business, who keeps a close eye on the areas historically central to our manufacturing sector in Southwestern Ontario struggling to create new jobs and on finding innovative approaches to this challenge.

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Matthew Mendelsohn

Matthew grew up in Montreal and comes from a long line of peddlers. He now peddles evidence-based policy ideas – particularly those designed to strengthen Ontario in Canada and transform how governments deliver public goods.

Matthew founded the Mowat Centre at the School of Public Policy & Governance in 2009. It delivers research-driven recommendations on Canada’s most challenging policy problems and serves as Ontario’s independent voice on public policy.

From 2004-2009, Matthew served as a Deputy Minister in the Ontario government where he held responsibility for Intergovernmental Affairs, the Democratic Renewal Secretariat, and the Office of International Relations and Protocol. He also served as Associate Secretary to the Cabinet in Cabinet Office.

Matthew spent 10 years as a member of the Political Studies Department at Queen’s University and served as the Director of the Canadian Opinion Research Archive. From 1996-1998, Matthew was a senior advisor in the Privy Council Office in Ottawa.

Matthew received his B.A. from McGill University and Ph.D. from the l’Université de Montréal, and held a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia. An active volunteer with many not-for-profit organizations, Matthew currently serves on Boards of Directors for Civix, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, l’Idée fédérale, and United Way Toronto.

Mike P. Moffatt

Mike Moffatt is an Assistant Professor in the Business, Economics and Public Policy group at the Ivey School of Business at Western University. An economist by training, Mike’s interests relate to the intersection of societal issues, public policy, economic growth, monetary policy and firm level strategy. Mike is particularly focused on regulations relating to environmental issues. How can governments reduce the release of greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds at the lowest cost to the economy? How should jurisdictions co-ordinate environmental policy as not to act as a deterrent to international trade? What strategies can firms use to shape and comply with environmental regulations? How are new environmental regulations altering the relationships and responsibilities between partners in the supply chain?

In 2005 Mike co-founded Nexreg Compliance Inc., a company that provides consulting services to the chemical industry. Nexreg assists their clients by developing cost-effective strategies for complying with foreign regulations when entering new markets. Mike’s client base includes a diverse mix from small businesses to several Fortune 500 companies.