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Predicament of Youth

2014 SSHRC Impact Award Winners share their research

The Literary Review of Canada convenes a panel discussion with recipients of the 2014 SSHRC Impact Awards, to consider the value of the social sciences and the humanities, the potential interconnections among their various research agendas, and the ramifications for Canada’s children and youth.

The annual SSHRC Impact Awards recognize the highest achievements in social sciences and humanities research. They highlight exceptional researchers and celebrate their achievements in research, research training, knowledge mobilization and outreach activities.

Tickets for this event are free and can be reserved here. Doors open at 4:30 pm and the event begins at 5:00 pm.

Thomas Lemieux, Professor of Economics and Director of the Vancouver School of Economics at the Univeristy of British Columbia, examines the gap betweeen rich and poor, youth in the labour market and education inequality.

Nico Trocmé, Director of the School of Social Work and the Philip Fisher Chair in Social Work at McGill University, looks at child welfare agencies, child abuse, neglect, and the placement of children in out-of-home care, often with a focus on First Nations children.

Wendy Craig, Professor and Head of Psychology at Queen’s University, focuses on healthy relationships, bullying and victimization, sexual harassment and aggression in girls.

Kirk Luther, Ph.D. candidate at Memorial University specializing in forensic psychology, looks at how to improve youth access to legal information, working with youth protection agencies, law enforcement and international networks.

The discussion will be moderated by Mark Lovewell, interim Editor, Literary Review of Canada, and former Professor of Economics and Administrator at Ryerson University (

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