Founded in 1991, the Literary Review of Canada publishes ten times a year, in print and online.

April 2014

  • Chemical Warfare

    A review of Toxin Toxout: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World, by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie
  • No Support

    A review of Cleaning Up: How Hospital Outsourcing Is Hurting Workers and Endangering Patients, by Dan Zuberi
  • Together Again

    A review of Conservatism in Canada, edited by James Farney and David Rayside.
  • Arguing for Open Borders

    A review of The Ethics of Immigration, by Joseph Carens
  • How Mend the Years

    A poem
  • The World’s Athletes

    A poem
  • Not So Stable

    A poem
  • How to Sing a Malaccan Folk Song

    A poem
  • War’s Costly Thrills

    A review of Lucky, by Kathryn Para
  • Shaking the Family Tree

    A review of Road Ends, by Mary Lawson
  • Safer, Meaner Streets

    A review of Canadian Policing in the 21st Century: A Frontline Officer on Challenges and Changes, by Robert Chrismas
  • The Law-Abiding Rabble Rouser

    A review of “At the Barricades”: A Memoir, by A. Alan Borovoy
  • Parliamentary Opposition, in Theory

    A review of Across the Aisle: Opposition in Canadian Politics, by David E. Smith
  • Atlantic Hustle

    A review of Harrison McCain: Single-Minded Purpose, by Donald J. Savoie, and Failures and Fiascos: Atlantic Canada’s Biggest Boondoggles, by Dan Soucoup

Illustrations by Jeff Kulak

Jeff is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Montreal. Past clients include the National Post, The Walrus, Owlkids Books and the Art Directors Club of NYC. You can view his work here.