Founded in 1991, the Literary Review of Canada publishes ten times a year, in print and online.

July–August 2014

  • Listen to the Sex Workers

    A review of Selling Sex: Experience, Advocacy and Research on Sex Work in Canada, edited by Emily van der Meulen, Elya M. Durisin and Victoria Love
  • Paper Promises

    An essay
  • Flanagan Wrecks

    A review of Persona Non Grata: The Death of Free Speech in the Internet Age, by Tom Flanagan
  • Where Do We Belong?

    A review of Dreaming of Elsewhere: Observations on Home, by Esi Edugyan
  • Frye and McLuhan

    A review of Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye: Apocalypse and Alchemy, by B.W. Powe
  • Hedgehog Gospel

    A review of In Praise of Mixed Religion: The Syncretism Solution in a Multifaith World, by William H. Harrison.
  • These Are the Days

    A poem
  • Message

    A poem
  • Above Ground

    A poem
  • For Your Safety Please Hold On

    A poem
  • The Girl with Three Fathers

    A review of The Rise and Fall of Great Powers, by Tom Rachman
  • Stories That Heal

    A review of Medicine Walk, by Richard Wagamese
  • Demonized Weed

    A review of Killer Weed: Marijuana Grow Ops, Media and Justice, by Susan C. Boyd and Connie Carter
  • Vices Then and Now

    A review of Canada the Good: A Short History of Vice Since 1500, by Marcel Martel
  • Cottage Romance

    A review of A Timeless Place: The Ontario Cottage, by Julia Harrison
  • Letters and Responses

    Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan, Almos Tassonyi, Andrew Griffith, Neil Arason

Illustrations by Gabriel Baribeau

Gabriel Baribeau is an artist from Port Dover, Ontario, whose craft is sculpture, performance and tattoo based. The illustrations in this issue are done in collaboration with Aimee Burnett, with whom he recently co-founded the arts guild Pedlar Stock.