September 2004

  • Rx for the NDP

    A review of Speaking Out: Ideas That Work for Canadians, by Jack Layton
  • Two-Track Minds

    A review of Keith E. Stanovich’s The Robot’s Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwin
  • The Bard as Modernist Revolutionary

    A review of Shakespeare in the Undiscovered Bourn: Les Kurbas, Ukrainian Modernism and Early Soviet Cultural Politics, by Irena R. Makaryk

  • Ballot-Box Blues

    A review of Elections, by John C. Courtney
  • A Lioness in Winter

    An appreciation of Sylvia Ostry
  • Symmetry

    A poem
  • A poem
  • A poem
  • Zombies, Zodiacs and Sacrificial Cats

    A review of Cat’s Pilgrimage, by Marilyn Bowering
  • An Austro-Hungarian Cauldron

    A review of Michael André Bernstein’s Conspirators
  • Imagining Democracies

    A review of Modern Social Imaginaries, by Charles Taylor
  • A Story of Global Survival

    A review of Alanna Mitchell’s Dancing at the Dead Sea: Tracking the World’s Environmental Hotspots
  • Defining Genocide

    A review of Reigns of Terror, by Patricia Marchak
  • The Old Canadian Question

    A review of The Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature, edited by Eva-Marie Kröller
  • The Wayward Ones

    A review of Elizabeth Abbott’s A History of Mistresses

Chris Barry

Chris Barry is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design,where he studied illustration for four years. He works mainly in mixed media but is recently exploring using pen and ink, and has done graphic design work for a number of small companies. More of his work is available at <>.