July–August 2005

  • The World in Canada

    An essay
  • Duelling Pension Manifestos

    A review of Isla Carmichael’s Pension Power: Unions, Pension Funds and Social Investment in Canada
  • Don’t Blink

    A review of The Next World War: Tribes, Cities, Nations and Ecological Decline, by Roy Woodbridge

  • A Full and Sympathetic Accounting

    A review of Public Triumph, Private Tragedy: The Double Life of John P. Robarts, by Steve Paikin
  • Found in Translation

    A review of Where Is Here? Volumes I and II, edited by Damiano Pietropaolo
  • A poem
  • Pine Trees

    A poem
  • from The First Story of Latin

    A poem
  • Artistic Liberty and Historical Distortion

    A review of Stephen Hayward’s The Secret Mitzvah of Lucio Burke
  • A Sextet of Trios

    A review of Denise Roig’s Any Day Now
  • The Real George W.

    A review of The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush: Values, Strategy and Loyalty, by Alexander Moens
  • What Makes Us Sick?

    A review of Jacalyn Duffin’s Lovers and Livers: Disease Concepts in History
  • Maddened Zealotry

    A review of Icy Battleground: Canada, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Seal Hunt, by Donald Barry
  • Harder Than It Looks

    A review of Royal Canadian Jihad, by Patrick Grady, Earthbaby, by Peter Such, and Water Inc., by Varda Burstyn
  • The Builder of Rome

    A review of The Age of Augustus, by Werner Eck, Augustus, Godfather of Europe, by Richard Holland, and The Augustan Succession: An Historical Commentary on Cassius Dio’s Roman History, Books 55–56 (9 BC–AD 14), by Peter Michael Swan

Tom Pokinko

Tom Pokinko is a graphic artist based in Montreal. His work has appeared in The Progressive, Clamor and Fine Books & Collections (formerly OP Magazine), as well as with the United Nations Association in Canada. His online portfolio can be seen at <>.