October 2005

  • A Special Relationship

    Geography and geopolitics have crafted an intriguing bond between Canada and Cuba.
  • Demanding Decency

    A Cuban human rights activist critically examines the country’s treatment of dissent.
  • A Sumptuous Cultural Past

    Few small countries can boast the creative and artistic heft of Cuba.

  • The Political Is Personal

    A review of Judy Rebick’s Ten Thousand Roses: The Making of a Feminist Revolution
  • Oil Patch Heresy

    A review of The Great Canadian Oil Patch: The Petroleum Era from Birth to Peak, by Earle Gray
  • Ongoing offensive operations to eliminate all pockets of resistance minus one

    A poem
  • Crony

    A poem
  • More Light

    A poem
  • The Daily

    A poem
  • Caught Between Nature and Modernity

    A review of Sylvanus Now, by Donna Morrissey
  • A Legend Brought to Life

    A review of Charles Foran’s Carolan’s Farewell
  • “Ization” versus “Ism”

    A review of “Sinking Globalization,” by Niall Ferguson, and The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World, by John Ralston Saul
  • The Saintly Muse

    A review of Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers and Allan Greer’s Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits
  • The Diplomatic Dance

    A review of Rollercoaster: My Hectic Years as Jean Chrétien’s Diplomatic Advisor 1994–1998, by James Bartleman, Getting It Done: A Memoir, by Derek H. Burney, and Escott Reid: Diplomat and Scholar, edited by Greg Donaghy and Stéphane Roussel
  • Breaking Away

    A review of The Great Dominion:Winston Churchill in Canada, 1900–1954, by David Dilks

Nick Craine

Nick Craine is a musician and illustrator living in Guelph, Ontario. His publishing credits include Dance Me Outside: The Illustrated Screenplay (Black Eye Productions, 1994) and Portrait of a Thousand Punks: Hard Core Logo (House of Anansi, 1997).