March 2006

  • Indentured Servitude

    A review of Home Economics: Nationalism and the Making of “Migrant Workers” in Canada, by Nandita Sharma
  • The Borderline between Fact and Fabrication

    A review of Afterlands, by Steven Heighton
  • Penelope with Attitude

    A review of The Penelopiad: The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus, by Margaret Atwood
  • How to Wage War Legally

    A review of War Law: Understanding International Law and Armed Conflict, by Michael Byers
  • A Bomb in a Parachute

    A review of The Parachute, by Sinclair Dumontais, translated by Patricia Claxton
  • Shifting Holy Ground

    A review of Stalking the Holy: The Pursuit of Saint-Making, by Michael W. Higgins
  • The Ambivalent Imperialist

    A review of Woolf in Ceylon: An Imperial Journey in the Shadow of Leonard Woolf, 1904–1911, by Christopher Ondaatje
  • Advancing the Values Debate

    A review of Regions Apart: The Four Societies of Canada and the United States, by Edward Grabb and James Curtis, and American Backlash: The Untold Story of Social Change in the United States, by Michael Adams
  • Reprography

    A poem
  • Santa Trinità Bridge, Florence

    A poem
  • Shoes

    A poem

LRC 100 portraits by Wes Tyrell

Wes Tyrell is a caricature artist and humorous illustrator. His works can be seen in a variety of publications, including The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s, as well as at