April 2006

  • Not So Fast, Reformers

    An essay
  • Lots of Sex, Please, We’re Humans

    A review of Edward Shorter’s Written in the Flesh: A History of Desire
  • Plus ça change

    A review of The Middle Power Project: Canada and the Founding of the United Nations, by Adam Chapnick

  • Size Matters

    A review of The Dance of Molecules: How Nanotechnology Is Changing Our Lives, by Ted Sargent
  • The Judges and the Media

    A review of The Last Word: Media Coverage of the Supreme Court of Canada, by Florian Sauvageau, David Schneiderman and David Taras
  • Mystery in the Tropics

    A review of Dead Man in Paradise, by J.B. MacKinnon
  • Dazzling and Disappointing

    A review of The Walking Boy, by Lydia Kwa
  • Surviving the Commune

    A review of Katrina Onstad’s How Happy to Be
  • The Carrot and the Stick

    A review of Responding to Youth Crime in Canada, by Anthony N. Doob and Carla Cesaroni
  • Wood, Glass and Stone

    A review of Up North: Where Canada’s Architecture Meets the Land, by Lisa Rochon
  • An Incendiary Tale

    A review of The Hanging of Angélique: Canada, Slavery and the Burning of Montreal, by Afua Cooper
  • A Literary Horserace

    A review of Running the Rapids: A Writer’s Life, by Kildare Dobbs
  • The Hapless Hunt for Paradise Lost

    A review of David F. Noble’s Beyond the Promised Land: The Movement and the Myth
  • Why Are We in Afghanistan?

    A review of Friendly Fire: The Untold Story of the U.S. Bombing that Killed Four Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan, by Michael Friscolanti
  • To Go to Huangshan (The Yellow Mountains)

    A poem
  • Lupins: Canada Day 2002

    A poem
  • Voyage

    A poem

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Cinders McLeod

Cinders McLeod studied art, performance, filmmaking and television in England. She played doublebass and sang in a band that toured Britain and Europe for five years, cartooned for British newspapers for ten and moved back to Toronto with her Glaswegian family five years ago. She has cartooned and designed for The Globe and Mail ever since.