October 2006

  • What Makes Eddie Run?

    A review of The Way It Works: Inside Ottawa, by Eddie Goldenberg
  • Consensus or More Colonialism?

    A review of Creating Choices: Rethinking Aboriginal Policy, by John Richards, and Reconciliation: First Nations Treaty Making in British Columbia, by Tony Penikett
  • Resistance or Engagement?

    A review of Taiaiake Alfred’s Wasáse: Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom and Dale Turner’s This Is Not a Peace Pipe: Towards a Critical Indigenous Philosophy

  • A Saskatchewan Childhood

    A review of Rudy Wiebe’s Of This Earth: A Mennonite Boyhood in the Boreal Forest
  • Academic Publishing in Canada: A Lament

    A review of Bringing Power to Justice? The Prospects of the International Criminal Court, edited by Joanna Harrington, Michael Milde and Richard Vernon
  • Curious House Construction

    A review of Timothy Taylor’s Story House
  • Under Thunder and Cordite

    A review of De Niro’s Game, by Rawi Hage
  • Arrogant Prophet or Quintessential Canadian?

    A review of Denis Smith’s Ignatieff’s World: A Liberal Leader for the 21st Century?
  • Challenge to the West

    A review of Lost Modernities: China, Vietnam, Korea and the Hazards of World History, by Alexander Woodside
  • Tainted Counsel

    A review of A Capitol Idea: Think Tanks and U.S. Foreign Policy, by Donald E. Abelson
  • A Little Taste of Canadian Philosophy

    A review of In the Agora: The Public Face of Canadian Philosophy, edited by Andrew D. Irvine and John S. Russell
  • Inventor and Wife

    A review of Charlotte Gray’s Reluctant Genius: The Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell
  • Van Gogh City

    A poem
  • Glenn Gould Poems: On Listening to Latin Jazz

    A poem
  • Rip

    A poem
  • Getting Sick

    A poem

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Tom Pokinko

Tom Pokinko is a graphic artist based in Montreal. His work has appeared in The Progressive, Clamor and Fine Books & Collections, as well as with the United Nations Association in Canada. His portfolio is available at