December 2006

  • Solidifying Gains

    A review of Hugh Segal’s The Long Road Back: The Conservative Journey, 1993–2006
  • The Nowhere Men and Women

    A review of Refugee Sandwich: Stories of Exile and Asylum, by Peter Showler
  • “Big Media Bad Thing”

    An essay

  • Loaded Assumptions

    A review of No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart: The Surprising Deceptions of Individual Choice, by Tom Slee
  • A Rare Gift for Leadership and Friendship

    A review of Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Volume One 1919–1968, by John English, and The Teeth of Time: Remembering Pierre Elliott Trudeau, by Ramsay Cook
  • Trudeau: Long March/Shining Path

    An excerpt from a libretto
  • Sparring Cultures

    A review of Randy Boyagoda’s Governor of the Northern Province
  • The Permeable Border

    A review of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Canada: American Philanthropy and the Arts and Letters in Canada, by Jeffrey D. Brison
  • Who Really Destroyed The Twin Towers?

    A review of Barrie Zwicker’s Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11
  • Our Man in London

    A review of Commissions High: Canada in London, 1870–1971, by Roy MacLaren
  • A Sister’s Sad Burden

    A review of Marian Botsford Fraser’s Requiem for My Brother
  • One City, Two Nations

    A review of Dimensions of Inequality in Canada, edited by David A. Green and Jonathan R. Kesselman
  • Small Mirror, Large Landscape

    A review of Eric Koch’s I Remember The Location Exactly
  • A Cross-Country Canon

    A review of Noah Richler’s This Is My Country, What’s Yours? A Literary Atlas of Canada
  • Mort d’un vieux Québécois

    A review of Gil Courtemanche’s A Good Death
  • That’s It in a Hazelnut Upstairs at the Dickinson’s

  • “Grey and Silver: Mist—Lifeboat”

    A poem

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Aino Anto

Aino Anto is a Toronto-based freelance illustrator with interests in editorial illustration and children’s books. Her first work, Len Gasparini’s A Christmas for Carol, was published by Seraphim Editions in 2002. More examples of her work can be seen at