January–February 2007

  • A Fascinating Snapshot

    A review of Nixon in China: The Week That Changed the World, by Margaret MacMillan
  • Challenging “Battered Woman Syndrome”

    A review of Donald G. Dutton’s Rethinking Domestic Violence
  • Canada’s Kyoto Delusion

    An essay

  • Native Ingenuity

    A review of Clam Gardens: Aboriginal Mariculture on Canada’s West Coast, by Judith Williams
  • Our Poorest Neighbour

    A review of Haiti: Hope for a Fragile State, edited by Yasmine Shamsie and Andrew S. Thompson
  • Eloquent Journey

    A review of In Search of a Soul: Designing and Realizing the New Canadian War Museum, by Raymond Moriyama
  • A Punjabi Thief’s Progress

    A review of Ranj Dhaliwal’s Daaku
  • Formidable Questions, Subtle Answers

    A review of The Famished Lover, by Alan Cumyn
  • The Veteran and the Rookie

    A review of Right Side Up: The Fall of Paul Martin and the Rise of Stephen Harper’s New Conservatism, by Paul Wells
  • Behind Brocade Curtains

    A review of Private Demons: The Tragic Personal Life of John A. Macdonald, by Patricia Phenix
  • The Entrepreneur from Central Casting

    A review of Wayne Lilley’s Magna Cum Laude: How Frank Stronach Became Canada’s Best-Paid Man
  • Canada’s Robbie Burns

    A review of Robert Service: Under the Spell of the Yukon, by Enid Mallory
  • A Rugged Utopian

    A review of Mark Leier’s Bakunin: The Creative Passion
  • The Contrary Optimist

    A review of How the West Was Written: The Life and Times of James H. Gray, by Brian Brennan
  • Minotaur

    A poem
  • First Snow

    A poem
  • Baptism February 2003

    A poem
  • Writing Poetry

    A poem

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Sylvia Nickerson

Since graduating from art school in 2001, Sylvia Nickerson has designed books, illustrated for magazines, tutored mathematics, worked as an arts administrator in the Canadian book publishing industry and completed a M.A. in the history of science. Her illustrations have been published in The Coast, The New Quarterly, Carousel Magazine, The Canadian Undergraduate Physics Journal, The Dominion and The Globe and Mail. To see more of her art go to