March 2008

  • Our Man in Bhutan

    How a Canadian Jesuit founded a secular education system in a remote mountain nation.
  • the walnut-cracking machine

  • Risk-Prone Rogers

    A review of Caroline Van Hasselt’s High Wire Act: Ted Rogers and the Empire That Debt Built
  • The Defender of Stories

    A review of Alberto Manguel’s The City of Words
  • Home Schooling with a Difference

    A review of The Film Club: A True Story of a Father and Son, by David Gilmour
  • Where Derring-Do Can Lead

    A review of Where War Lives, by Paul Watson
  • The Head-Counting Game

    A review of Peter M. Butler’s Polling and Public Opinion: A Canadian Perspective
  • Worse Than Dying

    A review of Carol Bruneau’s Glass Voices
  • Delightfully Morbid, Acutely Droll

    A review of Not Quite Dead, by John MacLachlan Gray
  • Three Artists

    A review of Seduced by Modernity: The Photography of Margaret Watkins, by Mary O’Connor and Katherine Tweedie, and And Beauty Answers: The Life of Frances Loring and Florence Wyle, by Elspeth Cameron
  • Diplomats: Do We Need Them?

    A review of Ambassador Assignments: Canadian Diplomats Reflect on Our Place in the World, edited by David Chalmer Reece
  • Canon Making with a Vengeance

    A review of New Canadian Library: The Ross-McClelland Years, 1952–1978, by Janet B. Friskney
  • Catching Ottawa’s Attention

    A review of The Art of the Possible: A Handbook for Political Activism, by Amanda Sussman
  • Ways of Looking at April Fool’s Day

    A poem
  • Hand

    A poem
  • How She Became A Pairs Skating Judge

    A poem
  • March 10

    A poem

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Sylvia Nickerson.

Since graduating from art school in 2001, Sylvia Nickerson has designed books, illustrated for magazines, tutored mathematics, worked as an arts administrator in the Canadian book publishing industry and completed an M.A. in the history of science. Her illustrations have been published in The Coast, the New Quarterly, Carousel Magazine, Briarpatch Magazine, The Dominion and The Globe and Mail. To see more of her art go to