April 2008

  • The Burden of Isolation

    A review of John Stape’s The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad
  • Has Multi-Culturalism Had Its Day?

    A review of Multicultural Odysseys: Navigating the New International Politics of Diversity, by Will Kymlicka
  • Phileas Fogg with a Guitar

    A review of Dave Bidini’s Around the World in 57½ Gigs
  • Show Us The Money

    A review of The Politics of Public Money: Spenders, Guardians, Priority Setters and Financial Watchdogs inside the Canadian Government, by David A. Good
  • North End Memories

    A review of A Glowing Dream: A Memoir, by Roland Penner
  • Standing on Guard for Tim’s

    A review of The Donut: A Canadian History, by Steve Penfold
  • Sheer Talent

    A review of No Limits: The Amazing Life Story of Rhona and Rhoda Wurtele, Canada’s Olympian Skiing Pioneers, by Byron Rempel
  • Sentimental Journey from Hell

    A review of Finding Home, by Eric Wright
  • The Struggle of Memory against Forgetting

    A review of Cloud of Bone, by Bernice Morgan
  • Asking the Right and Wrong Questions

    A review of The World in Canada: Diaspora, Demography and Domestic Politics, edited by David Carment and David Bercuson
  • Penicillin of the Mind?

    A review of Edward Shorter and David Healey’s Shock Therapy: A History of Electroconvulsive Treatment in Mental Illness
  • The Nunavummiut: Politically Engaged Citizens

    A review of Nunavut: Rethinking Political Culture, by Ailsa Henderson
  • Past as Prologue

    An online review of John W. Dean’s The Lost Massey Lectures: Recovered Classics from Five Great Thinkers – John Kenneth Galbraith, Paul Goodman, Jane Jacobs, Eric W. Kierans, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Aino Anto.

Aino Anto is a Toronto-based freelance illustrator with interests in editorial illustration and children’s books. Her first work, Len Gasparini’s A Christmas for Carol, was published by Seraphim Editions in 2002. More examples of her work can be seen at