September 2008

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Last February, the LRC announced New Voices, an open call for essays — a search for fresh perspectives that we could showcase alongside established contributors such as Lloyd Axworthy, Peter C. Newman, Erna Paris, Jennifer Welsh, Tom Flanagan, Janice Gross Stein and Ezra Levant.

Considering the constant talk of political “change” from south of the border, we asked, what will the dramatic U.S. nomination and presidential race mean for Canada? Have we placed ourselves in opposition to the moralistic conservatism of the Bush White House for so long that adjusting to profound change in our neighbour may be quite a challenge? Or will Canada too be a part of a continental wave of hope and energy, as we were during the 1960s?

The response to our call for “a thought-provoking new vision of Canada” was impressive, and we would like to thank the writers from across Canada who participated. The high quality of submissions made choosing a single essay for our September issue extremely difficult — so difficult, in fact, that we have decided to broaden the field. As well as the lead New Voices essay in our September issue, we have also commissioned two more Online Original pieces, to appear exclusively on our website.

Special thanks, as well as congratulations, are due to the following essayists, whose provocative ideas we are proud to feature: David Eaves, Taylor Owen, John Robson, and Andrew Ng.

Bronwyn Drainie, Editor