October 2008

  • An Outsider’s Eye

    Newfoundland culture as defined from without and within.
  • The Year of Anne

    A review of Budge Wilson’s Before Green Gables, Deidre Kessler’s Anne of Green Gables: Stories for Young Readers, Don Harron’s Anne of Green Gables, The Musical: 101 Things You Didn’t Know, Elizabeth Rollins Epperly’s Imagining Anne: The Island Scrapbooks of L.M. Montgomery, Irene Gammel’s Looking for Anne: How Lucy Maud Montgomery Dreamed Up a Literary Classic and Elizabeth Waterston’s Magic Island: The Fictions of L.M. Montgomery
  • An Impossible Dream

    A review of Loyalists and Layabouts: The Rapid Rise and Faster Fall of Shelburne, Nova Scotia, 1783–1792, by Stephen Kimber
  • Slow-Motion Disaster

    A review of The Dirt: Industrial Disease and Conflict at St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, by Rick Rennie
  • Avian Games

    A review of The Darren Effect, by Libby Creelman
  • Casting a Light on Whiteness

    A review of Mark Anthony Jarman’s My White Planet
  • George Parkin

    A review of Parkin: Canada’s Most Famous Forgotten Man, by William Christian
  • The Crack Cocaine of Gambling

    A review of Terminal Damage: The Politics of VLTs in Atlantic Canada, by Peter McKenna
  • Cape Breton Ghost

    A review of A.J.B. Johnston’s Endgame 1758: The Promise, the Glory and the Despair of Louisbourg’s Last Decade
  • Ursa Immaculate

  • Even now

  • Introducing the Tree: A Lather of Green

  • Beating the Bounds

    A poem
  • Back to the Seventies

    An online review of Erratic North: A Vietnam Draft Resister’s Life in the Canadian Bush, by Mark Frutkin

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Clarke MacDonald

Clarke MacDonald is a designer and illustrator living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is a founding partner in Moxi Creative, a virtual marketing agency, and is a part-time continuing studies instructor at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.