April 2009

  • Inside the Wire

    A review of Outside the Wire: The War in Afghanistan in the Words of Its Participants, edited by Kevin Patterson and Jane Warren; Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army by Christie Blatchford; Kandahar Tour: The Turning Point in Canada’s Afghan Mission by Lee Windsor, David Charters and Brent Wilson; On Assignment in Afghanistan: Maritimers at War by Chris Lambie (text) and Christian Laforce (photography); Contact Charlie: The Canadian Army, the Taliban and the Battle That Saved Afghanistan by Chris Wattie; and The Long Walk Home: Paul Franklin’s Journey from Afghanistan by Liane Faulder
  • Are We a Métis Nation?

    A review of A Fair Country: Telling Truths about Canada, by John Ralston Saul
  • Private Thoughts in Public Language

    A review of JPod by Douglas Coupland, The Language of Others by Clare Morrall, Daniel Isn’t Talking by Marti Leimbach, Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern, and So Odd a Mixture: Along the Autistic Spectrum in “Pride and Prejudice” by Phyllis Ferguson Bottomer

  • What’s Race Got to Do with It?

    A review of Gerard W. Boychuk’s National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada: Race, Territory and the Roots of Difference
  • Frozen Moments

    A review of Encounters on the Passage: Inuit Meet the Explorers, by Dorothy Harley Eber, and Race to the Polar Sea: The Heroic Adventures of Elisha Kent Kane, by Ken McGoogan.
  • A Very American Champlain

    A review of David Hackett Fischer’s Champlain’s Dream: The Visionary Adventurer Who Made a New World in Canada
  • Choosing the Best Canadian Poetry

  • The Book Collector

  • A Canadian Visionary

    An Essay
  • Bitumen: Boon or Blight?

    A review of Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, by Andrew Nikiforuk, and Tar Sands Showdown: Canada and the New Politics of Oil in an Age of Climate Change, by Tony Clarke
  • An Exercise in Opposites

    A review ofFrank Moores: The Time of His Life, by Janice Wells, and An Honourable Calling: Political Memoirs, by Allan Blakeney
  • Torrents of Vitriol

    A review of Joan Baxter’s Dust from Our Eyes: An Unblinkered Look at Africa.
  • The Continental Quickstep

    A review of Stephen Clarkson’s Does North America Exist? Governing the Continent after NAFTA and 9/11

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Barbara Klunder

Barbara Klunder has been illustrating and designing for many years. She has won numerous awards in Canada and the United States, and has had museum shows of her textile work. Her first book, Other Goose, illustrates “recycled” rhymes and was published by Groundwood/House of Anansi in 2007.