July–August 2010

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Halfway through the summer it’s time to go on a great cross-Canada road trip. We’ve asked some of our best writers – from Liz Hay to Linden MacIntyre, from Joan Thomas to John Ralston Saul and many more besides – to highlight one book from their province or territory which they feel truly captures the essence of that particular part of the country. Most have picked novels or short stories, but there are histories and biographies as well. The effect of reading these short recommendations is quite extraordinary: you feel you’ve done a literary circuit of the entire country in half an hour without leaving your favourite reading chair. Bon voyage!

Also in our summer issue, author and Globe and Mail columnist Sheema Khan explores a fascinating new book called Unveiling the Breath: One Woman’s Journey into Understanding Islam and Gender Equality. The book is by Donna Kennedy-Glans, a Calgary-based lawyer and businesswoman (the first female vice-president of international energy giant Nexen Corporation) who has spent 24 years working in 30 countries and has founded an NGO named Bridges that trains and mentors Yemeni community leaders. The book largely represents the author’s thoughts and observations about gender relations gleaned through her travel in Muslim societies and through her work with Bridges in Yemen.

Happy summer reading.

Bronwyn Drainie Editor

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