May 2011

With the election finished, we can get back to one of our more humdrum concerns: whether or not we will be eaten alive by our neighbour to the south. In our May issue, essayist and provocateur Conrad Black takes on David Dyment’s Doing the Continental: A New Canadian-American Relationship, the latest addition to this never-ending discussion.

Lobbying is a complex and controversial activity at the best of times, and when we’re talking about Jewish and Arab groups that lobby the Canadian government regarding its policies in the Middle East, the stakes are extremely high. Our feature essay this month, “Who Calls the Shots?”, is by Brent Sasley, a Canadian at the University of Texas at Arlington who has made these lobby groups an object of close academic study.

And this month we are marking the 90th birthday of one of Canada’s most important authors, the irrepressible Farley Mowat, whose 44 books have sold (at best estimate) almost 20 million copies around the world. Ken McGoogan celebrates an extraordinary life and career.

Welcome (finally) to spring!

Bronwyn Drainie