May 2012

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Erna Paris, the highly-renowned Canadian commentator on international justice issues, is always worth reading. And in this month’s LRC, she tackles the very different and quite vengeful standard of justice the Americans meted out to the Nazis of the Mauthausen camp in Germany, as opposed to the publicly lauded approach they pioneered at Nuremberg.

Adriana Craciun‘s multilayered exploration of the 19th century Franklin Expedition’s modern reverberations is also fascinating reading. She focuses not only on the Franklin influence on heritage questions and Arctic exploration but on Canadian sovereignty, the international search for fossil fuels and minerals and Canada’s relations with the indigenous communities north of the 60th parallel.

And approaching energy issues from quite a different angle, George Anderson carefully examines a recent study from the Canada West Foundation in Calgary that begins to look at the difficult question of the asymmetrical disposition of energy resources across Canada, and whether and how the whole country can be made to benefit from them.

This month we are also posting Reg Whitaker‘s astute analysis of Ezra Levant’s recent book on the imminent repatriation of Omar Khadr (plus Mr. Levant’s response to it) and a review/essay by Taylor Owen and David Eaves that focuses on Peter C. Newman’s extremely dark forecast for the future of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Happy reading!

Bronwyn Drainie

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