November 2012

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The rest of Canada watched the Quebec student strikes earlier this year with a combination of bewilderment and amazement, especially when other swaths of the province’s citizenry began joining the academic cohort on the streets. According to our November essayist, Ray Conlogue, what was happening signaled a deep generational disconnect in Quebec, one that is likely to have consequences down the line for the future of Confederation.

Political reporting in Canada has changed dramatically since the advent of the Blackberry and not for the better, writes media analyst Christopher Waddell. Such an elite method of communication allows journalists and party strategists to talk to each other more quickly and intimately than ever before, but the conversation no longer includes us, the democratic public.

Finally, in the wake of the Lance Armstrong revelations, sports commentator Laura Robinson shares the story of Gino Bartali, an Italian cyclist from the mid-20th century whose life eloquently demonstrates the difference between winning at any cost and the nature of true heroism.

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Bronwyn Drainie Editor

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