January–February 2014

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It seems that anything to do with the aging baby boomers—from overstressed healthcare to shipwrecked cruiseboats—can make headlines these days. The most ominous narrative, though, is financial: what’s happening to our pension system and how are we going to continue paying the bills? The Third Rail: Confronting Our Pension Failures by Jim Leech and Jacquie MacNish shows how we got here from there, and our reviewer Max Fawcett escorts us through the whole sorry tale.

A hundred years ago, in 1914, Canada’s greatest humorist, Stephen Leacock, produced a satirical masterpiece that still resonates today: Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich. Don Nerbas, a historian of Canadian business, resurrects Leacock’s stories of the wealthy denizens of Plutoria Avenue and compares them with the “predatory celebrity” of, for example, the merry band that hangs out in the Dragon’s Den today.

Hunker down with some more great winter reading in the LRC.

Bronwyn Drainie


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