Boundary Issues

Have Canadians and Americans become the same people?

“Who do we think we are?”

That huge identity question roils the world, including our closest relations. Many Scots want to leave Britain, especially if Britain leaves the European Union. Other Europeans are challenged by the integration of refugees from other places, especially Muslims. Eastern Europeans who had longed to join their old European cultural family have ended up disappointed.

The Québécois had two searing referenda to decide on having a separate country of their own.

Geography insists that the relationship with the United States must be Canada’s lead foreign policy priority. It has never been easy because of the asymmetry in power and dependency. Canadians have been jarred by the surge in the United States of political antagonisms accompanied by the assertive nativism of one side that challenges core Canadian values of inclusivity and tolerance. It encourages the latent tendency of Canadians to self-identify as...