Jack Mitchell

LRC Contributor

Jack Mitchell is a professor of Roman history at Dalhousie University and the author of two historical novels for young adults, The Roman Conspiracy and The Ancient Ocean Blues. A third novel, Chariots of Gaul, will appear in 2012. All three are published by Tundra Books.

Articles by Jack Mitchell

  • War of Words (November 2012)
    A review of Speaking Up: A History of Language and Politics in Canada and Quebec, by Marcel Martel and Martin Pâquet, translated by Patricia Dumas
  • Doing as the Romans Do (December 2011)
    A review of Imperial Republics: Revolution, War and Territorial Expansion from the English Civil War to the French Revolution, by Edward G. Andrew
  • Quebec’s Anti-Hero (April 2010)
    A review of René Lévesque, by Daniel Poliquin
  • A Loaded Anniversary (September 2009)
    A review of D. Peter MacLeod’s Northern Armageddon: The Battle of the Plains of Abraham; of Jacques Lacoursière’s and Hélène Quimper’s Québec ville assiégée; of Joy Carroll’s Wolfe and Montcalm: Their Lives, Their Times, and the Fate of a Continent; of Gérard Saint-Martin’s Les plaines d’Abraham: L’adieu à la Nouvelle-France?; and of Stephen Manning’s Quebec: The Story of Three Sieges.
  • Dying in Hell (March 2009)
    A review of Passchendaele, a film by Paul Gross; of Norman Leach’s Passchendaele: Canada’s Triumph and Tragedy on the Fields of Flanders; and of Paul Gross’s novel Passchendaele