Joseph Heath

LRC Contributor

Joseph Heath is a professor in the Department of Philosophy and the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto. His most recent book is Morality, Competition and the Firm: The Market Failures Approach to Business Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Articles by Joseph Heath

  • Trading Fair (May 2015)
    A review of Constructing Private Governance: The Rise and Evolution of Forest, Coffee and Fisheries Certification, by Graeme Auld, and Coffee, by Gavin Fridell
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green (December 2011)
    A review of The Legacy: An Elder’s Vision for Our Sustainable Future, by David Suzuki, and Fools Rule: Inside the Failed Politics of Climate Change, by William Marsden
  • Did the Banks Go Crazy? (September 2009)
    Whatever economists might think, rationality and efficiency don’t always go together.