Larry Krotz

LRC Contributor

Larry Krotz is a writer living in Toronto. His latest books are Piecing the Puzzle: The Genesis of AIDS Research in Africa (2012) and The Uncertain Business of Doing Good: Outsiders in Africa (2008), both published by the University of Manitoba Press.

Articles by Larry Krotz

  • Irreversible (May 2015)
    A review of Land’s End: Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier, by Tania Murray Li
  • Making Aid Obsolete (September 2014)
    A review of Innovating for the Global South: Towards an Inclusive Innovation Agenda, edited by Dilip Soman, Janice Gross Stein and Joseph Wong
  • Africa Through Western Eyes (December 2013)
    A review of The Strength of Bone, by Lucie Wilk, and My Heart Is Not My Own, by Michael Wuitchik
  • Jack and Jill, Over the Hill (September 2012)
    A review of Dating, by Dave Williamson
  • “Pursued by Devils or Tories” (September 2010)
    A review of The Lunatic and the Lords, by Richard D. Schneider
  • The Scoop on Peacekeeping (March 2010)
    A review of Pale Blue Hope: Death and Life in Asian Peacekeeping, by Ronald Poulton
  • Science and Romance (July–August 2009)
    A review of David Manicom’s Anna’s Shadow and Robert Carr’s Continuums
  • The Novel as Matryoshka Doll (December 2007)
    A review of The Culprits, by Robert Hough