Patrice Dutil

LRC Contributor

Patrice Dutil is the founder of the Literary Review of Canada. His new book is Prime Ministerial Power in Canada: Its Origins under Macdonald, Laurier and Borden (UBC Press, 2017).

Articles by Patrice Dutil

  • The Private Option (September 2010)
    A review of Public Service, Private Profits: The Political Economy of Public-Private Partnerships in Canada, by John Loxley, with Salim Loxley
  • Paquet’s Labyrinth (September 2009)
    A review of Crippling Epistemologies and Governance Failures: A Plea for Experimentalism, by Gilles Paquet, and Gilles Paquet: Homo hereticus, edited by Caroline Andrew, Ruth Hubbard