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The Vision

For nearly thirty years, the Literary Review of Canada has prided itself on being a journal of ideas — an indispensable platform for politically, intellectually, and culturally engaged discussions. This is where the country’s best writers, thinkers, and artists come to take a stand on topics that matter. 

At a time when books coverage is shrinking dramatically, the Literary Review of Canada continues to stand tall on newsstands, representing the widest possible range of Canada’s intellectual output. Educated and culturally engaged readers — from across the country and from many diverse backgrounds — turn to the Literary Review of Canada ten times a year in print and daily online. 

And that’s why discerning advertisers — from book publishers to cultural festivals and countless others in between — value partnerships with Canada’s leading journal of ideas.

The Audience

Subscribers to the Literary Review of Canada tend to be upscale or wealthy urbanites — ranging from young singles and couples in the city to established older families in suburban neighbourhoods. Regardless of their age or locale, our readers are highly educated, deeply engaged in the arts and politics, and globally conscious.

The Distribution

The Literary Review of Canada is sold by subscription and is available on better newsstands across Canada, including independent bookstores and Chapters/Indigo. Our renewal and gifting rate is 80 percent. Subscribers live in all provinces and territories and throughout the United States, as well as overseas. The magazine has strong support among Canadian studies programs and diplomatic missions abroad.

Our subscribers and readers include politicians, policy-makers, members of the media, academics and university leaders, business and community leaders, artists, and citizens of all stripes.

Your Advertising

As with reviews coming out of New York and London, the Literary Review of Canada is the place to advertise books — both new Canadian titles and international titles of importance.

It is also an excellent vehicle for educational opportunities, book and arts festivals, bookstores, associations, conferences, travel, and other products and services aimed at the informed and engaged reader.

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