May 2020

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Re: “Balance the Books,” by Victor Rabinovitch

Thank you for this excellent and timely article, especially given the current circumstances. Anecdotally, I see people returning to books. I was recently in line at the grocery store, and a woman spoke about how she had gone to Walmart primarily because she had run out of things to read (if only she had contacted one of the independents in town that are offering delivery service). I’ve also seen people online trying to imagine going through this crisis without access to cultural resources. It would be grim, to say the least. I think we are rediscovering connections to culture in the wake of COVID‑19, and this might spur a necessary re-­evaluation of policy. I agree with Rabinovitch that there needs to be leadership in advocating for conditions that sustain the writers who sustain us all.

Ben Schnitzer
Kingston, Ontario

Re: “The Long Change,” by Jeff Costen

Great analysis on two of the greatest ­students of the game. Nobody matches Dryden in capturing all of the nuances of the game we love.

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