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From the archives

Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Back Issues


Cries from the Deep

A tragedy along the Irish coast

David Marks Shribman

Jaxon Whole

Donald B. Smith makes his case

Charlotte Gray

Labour Forced

Working away from home

Amanda Perry

Capital Ideas

Ottawa’s commemorative landscape

Mark Kristmanson


The Breadbasket’s potash problem

Bob Armstrong

Mountain Do

Those who reach great heights

Steven Threndyle

Guilt Trip

Misguided explorations of modern travel

J.R. Patterson

Heart and Home

A pioneering surgeon’s journey

Menaka Ponnambalam

Time Stamps

It was the golden age of magazines

Robert Lewis

The Painter’s Papers

A prairie mystic in his own words

Kelvin Browne

Reel Talk

Lights, camera, Quebec!

Graham Fraser

Liner Notes

Inside Canada’s tortured poets department

David Wilson

Was Like Nightfall

Knockin’ on Homer’s door

David Macfarlane

What Happened?

Going beyond Colonel Mustard

Daniel Goodwin

N Is for No

Sheila Heti from A to Z

Kelly Baron

East Coast Fish Out of Water

Alex Pugsley goes from Halifax to Toronto

Liam Rockall

Bedtime Stories

Whose sex is it anyway?

Sarah O'Connor

Their Everyday Lives

Two novellas by Nora Gold

Joyce Wayne

Gone Girl

Judith Pond’s debut novel

Michelle Sinclair

Grasping at Straws

This is not the end of the world

Kyle Wyatt

Split Decisions

Canada, Quebec, and the next generation

George Anderson

Ex Libris

From the shelves of Duncan Campbell Scott

Forrest Pass

Out of Service

Inside a historic veterans’ hospital

J. L. Granatstein

The Colonist

Richard Blanshard’s brief tenure as governor of Vancouver Island

Michael Ledger-Lomas

Claims to Fame

Life before and after the podium

John Allemang

Mission Critical

Bruce Whiteman collects his thoughts

Keith Garebian

A True Original

The acerbic wit of Samuel Marchbanks

Benjamin Errett

Sessions Supernatural

The ghosts of Winnipeg in black and white

Tom Jokinen

A Berth of One’s Own

Transcontinental train of thought

Kyle Wyatt

Little Miss Picky

We all have our reasons

Heather Ramsay

Homeward Bound

Waubgeshig Rice continues the story

Christina Turner

In County Mayo

Colin Barrett’s ransom notes

André Forget

What’s in the Box?

Mandy-Suzanne Wong steps outside

Rose Hendrie


Foreign policy from the top down

J.D.M. Stewart

Their Beautiful Land

An Inuit history of northern Labrador

Jenn Thornhill Verma

Sharp Insights

A debut collection from Shashi Bhat

David Staines

The Trust Spiral

Restoring faith in the media

Tara Henley

Truths Be Told

I often pretended to have read it

Cecily Ross

Commission Concluded

Portapique and the questions still unanswered

Paul W. Bennett

Cover Stories

Lying low and flying high

David Marks Shribman

Liar, Liar

Genevieve Scott’s latest novel

Emily Latimer

Judges and Juries

Two acclaimed titles from Quebec

Amanda Perry

Nature Boy

Helen Humphreys sounds Walden Pond

Michael Strizic

Suffering of All Sorts

A Mark Anthony Jarman collection

Ruth Panofsky

Pilot Project

A dramatist takes flight

Alexander Sallas

Last Call for the Small-Town Bar

Real conversations shaken and stirred

Ian Canon

Kitchen Stuff Plus

The world through Mary Pratt’s eyes

Keith Garebian

These Distant Shores

Refugee writers on coming to Canada

Marian Botsford Fraser

Pathogen on the Prairie

Unmasking a disastrous response

John Baglow

In Left Field

Ed Broadbent and the future of the NDP

Graeme Young

Between Ewe and She

An author and her flock

Kyle Wyatt

Letters Sent Me

When the readers write back

Mark Kingwell

Sega Genesis

The sound of Mauritius

Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Motor City Meltdown

Catherine Leroux’s alternative history

Stacey May Fowles

Elusive to the End

On reading Tolstoy’s masterpiece

Sandra Martin

Charlotte’s Web

Sean Michaels gets technical

Omar Khafagy

Kiss and Tell

Aley Waterman’s new novel

Caroline Noël

Search Party

Zalika Reid-Benta turns a city inside out

Alexander Sallas

From Beirut with Love

Christine Estima’s debut collection

Ruth Panofsky

Naked Truth

Because colonial habits die hard

Keith Garebian

On That Note

The music that defined a province

Ruth Jones

Give and Take

Whose lines are they anyway?

Gary Ross

A Song of the Past

Forgotten but not gone

Kelly Baron

Campaign Confidential

On the run with Terry Fox

Jeff Costen

The Poet Politician

A biography of Gérald Godin

Graham Fraser

Road Trip

Traces of a Manitoba past

J.R. Patterson

Model Behaviour

A Haida village as seen in a windy city

John Geddes

They Bred Raptors

How basketball won over a hockey town

Andrew Benjamin Bricker

For God's Sake

The fight for and against free thought

Michael Ledger-Lomas

Writings on the Wall

Two inside looks at China

Martin Laflamme

Twin Peeks

Naomi Klein finds it rather hard to understand

Tara Henley

Something at Work

Wade Rowland’s unsettling forecast

David Marks Shribman


An error nobody could miss

Kyle Wyatt

Lax Americana

What happens if Donald Trump returns to the White House?

Srdjan Vucetic

Grey Area

The Confederates before Confederation

David Marks Shribman

Terrors of the Unknown

Adriana Chartrand’s eerie debut

Stacey May Fowles

Debatable Material

A century after they gathered

Kyle Wyatt

Untoward, the Last Spike

Connecting Canada came at a cost

Charlotte Gray

In the Spotlight

The latest Cundill History Prize finalists

Christopher Moore

Bump in the Night

The disaster that shook Springhill

Paul W. Bennett

By Populist Demand

When urban and rural voters went separate ways

Aaron Wherry

Right Stuff

Essays on conservative thought

Bruce K. Ward

The Librarian

Guy Berthiaume on the shelves

Graham Fraser

Green Guides

Two books to help your garden grow

Barbara Sibbald

Taylor Swift and Other Pawns

Seeking substance in a digital echo chamber

Tara Henley

The Splice of Life

Moviemaking in Winnipeg

Tom Jokinen

In Hot Water

Now that’s the tea

Susan Glickman

Errors and Horrors

David Bergen on times of war

Rohan Maitzen

Picture This

Sean Dixon’s group of seven

Jessie Yang

Abandoning the Map

Two novelists subvert convention

Amanda Perry

Nine Months in Vancouver

Christine Higdon’s latest

Jessica Rose

Blurred Vision

A novel by Anne Michaels

André Forget

Line by Line

To assemble an anthology

Bardia Sinaee

They Doth Protest

Of castles and capitulations

Kyle Wyatt

Dangerous Grounds

Coming soon to a democracy near you

David Marks Shribman

Chin Up, Canada

Notes from a mellower critic

George Anderson

The Mowats

Love in another era

Kelvin Browne

The Trio from Laval

A clash of the historians

Graham Fraser

Design Lines

Here, there, over, and away

David Macfarlane

Two Minutes and Twenty Seconds

The song that changed everything

David Wilson

A Bermuda Short

Publishing a forgotten manuscript

Duncan McDowall

Fowl Lines

Speaking of speakers

Kyle Wyatt

Past Imperfect

J. L. Granatstein’s prescient warning

Patrice Dutil

Between Texts

Notes on literary translation

Claire Foster

Freedom in Verse

Why I took up poetry

Cecily Ross

That Fertile Field

What springs from buried lightning

John Allemang

A Supposedly Fun Trip to Ohio

Loop-the-loops and other upheavals

Kyle Wyatt

The Void

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer looks for answers

Michelle Sinclair

Because I Must

Fiction in times of calamity

Daniel Goodwin

His Truck Stops Here

The quick end to Jason Kenney’s long career

Michael Taube

A Sum of Parts

Paying tribute to John English

Daniel Woolf

The Senator

When Jack Austin went to Ottawa

Jeff Costen

In the Money

To the racetrack they did go

Paul W. Bennett

Winds of Change

Three takes on gentrification

Amanda Perry

In the Shadow of Giants

Rooting around in the forest

Steven Threndyle

The Melmac Years

My peculiar resin d’être

Jo-Ann Wallace

Designated Respondent

Reading this is voluntary

Patrick Warner

A Noble Craft

Jason Guriel’s very specific type of fun

Nicholas Bradley

Fraudsters Abound

Tom Rachman’s new novel

Brad Dunne

Tragedy Two Ways

Debuts from Brooke Lockyer and Chelsea Wakelyn

Connor Harrison

Graft Craft

Zoe Whittall takes on the truth

Alexander Sallas

Notes on a Scandal

Speaking what was once unspeakable

Melanie Brooks

Alarm Bells

Fort McMurray and fires hence

Bob Armstrong

Smokes Person

The mascots and the message

Kyle Wyatt

Beyond the City Limits

Diversity and rural Canada

Julie McGonegal

A Portrait of Grief

Charles Foran turns to memoir

John Baglow

A Formidable Presence

Lise Bissonnette on the record

Graham Fraser

Preserving What Works

Of civilizations past and present

David Marks Shribman

At a Snail’s Pace

My summer with James Joyce

David Macfarlane

In the Clouds

Marta Balcewicz looks up

Kelly Baron

Schools of Thought

Canadian classrooms at cross-purposes

Michael Ledger-Lomas

Le critique

Before the referendum came the reviews

Graham Fraser

Ceiling Fan

How the Sistine Chapel won her over

Dan Dunsky

Mover and Shaker

The Charles Darwin of geology

Michael Strizic

Face Value

Content and cancellation

Kyle Wyatt

The Justice She Sought

Half-told tales of the Second World War

David Marks Shribman

Clock Watching

The nuclear threat lingers still

Joyce Wayne

Just Hand It Over?

The shifting foundations of charitable giving

Ian Smillie

Emission Impossible

On policies and persuasion

George Anderson

Woke This Morning

Plumbing the depths of a word

David Macfarlane

Moral Whirligig

A David Adams Richards mosaic

Michael W. Higgins

Mission Brazil

The Maple Leaf beneath a blistering sun

Geoff White

Sweep Stakes

The subtleties of geopolitics

Kyle Wyatt

Here Be Dragons

The misadventures of Bill Morneau

Ron Graham

Poll Focus

Insights and hindsights on elections past

J.D.M. Stewart

Where’s Johnny?

On the lost art of public conversation

James Brooke-Smith

Anatomy of Melancholy

Gabor Maté on society’s ills

Salem Alaton

Site Lines

An architectural who’s who

Kelvin Browne

Dissemble No More

Steven Heighton’s final collection

Kyle Wyatt

In the Same Mould

Visions of a dystopian city

Rachel Gerry

Deep Breaths

Using the tools that we have

Hannah Wunsch


Diefenbaker and discontent

Murray Campbell

Crowning Moment

British Columbia before Canada

Michael Ledger-Lomas

Crisis Mismanagement

Homelessness in our largest city

Amy Reiswig

A Modern Klondike

Northern Ontario’s fiery ring

David Marks Shribman

Diplomatically Speaking

An envoy’s many years of service

Martin Laflamme

In Other Words

Lori Saint-Martin’s life in translation

Graham Fraser

Bundles of Joy

On the humble dumpling

Hattie Klotz

Double Threat

A global health check

Donald Wright

Their Names in Lights

Canadian women who made it big

Keith Garebian

The Artisans of Big Cove

A mid-century Mi’kmaw cooperative

Patrick Leonard

How We Said Goodbye

Remembering the writer Anne Kingston

Katherine Ashenburg

In Lightning Flashes

Why does Walter Benjamin haunt us so?

Mark Kingwell

Title Company

What's in a shared name?

Katie Welch


To tinker with an icon's prose

Kyle Wyatt

Left Behind

Maybe we’re just not that into them

Tom Jokinen


He put a spell on her

Kayla Penteliuk

Aggregate Score

To move forward and remember

Kyle Wyatt

Unknown Fathoms

Tragedy and heroism in Newfoundland

David Marks Shribman

Shaking Edifices

The latest Cundill History Prize finalists

Christopher Moore

Loan Star

An ode to the little book box

Krzysztof Pelc

Where the Sidewalk Ended

Alphabet’s aborted plans in Toronto

Pamela Divinsky

It Thinks, Therefore . . . ?

As the designs get smarter and smarter

Alexander Sallas

Garden Varieties

Turning leaves new and old

Merilyn Simonds

Vintage Years

Two political memoirs

Michael Taube


Chronicles of a greasy campaign

John Baglow


Two pamphlets that pack a punch

Jessica Duffin Wolfe

Ruff Ride

Another British road trip

Rose Hendrie

To Sink or Swim

A poetic novel by Dominique Scali

Amanda Perry

In So Many Words

Definitions of a new reality

Wayne Grady

Shell Game

On moving too slow

Kyle Wyatt

Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Curtis Gillespie

The Shill of the People

Those loudest voices among us

Dan Dunsky

A Little Green

Friends, foes, and Fenians

Alan Taylor

On This Day

In defence of a beleaguered discipline

Matthew J. Bellamy

From Place to Place to Place

Experiences of South Asian immigrants

Elaine Coburn

The Home Truth

Growing old in our broken system

Cheryl Forchuk

The Meeting Point

Haitian writers amid Québécois letters

Amanda Perry

Rock Group

Stories from the Happy Province

Brad Dunne

Her Majesty’s Archers

Standing on guard in Westminster

John Fraser

For All the Marbles

An iconic photograph turns fifty

Kyle Wyatt

The Churn

Media turmoil through the eyes of Bill Fox

Jeffrey Simpson

Puppeteering and Electioneering

A look back on the 2021 campaign

Jeff Costen

Booze Cruise

Tales of Canadian prohibition

Dave Hazzan

Acadian Driftwood

The renewal of a shared consciousness

Bruce K. Ward

Diversity 1.0

Three white guys walk into a policy debate

Shazia Hafiz Ramji

By Whose Authority?

Times of profound revolution

George Anderson

Ho, Ho, No!

There arose such a clatter

Andrew Benjamin Bricker

New Urban Legends

André Forget’s fresh approach

John Delacourt

Sister Act

A novel by Lilian Nattel

Ruth Panofsky

Freeze Frame

Buried treasure in a gold rush town

Michael Gates

The Undersigned

On staying ahead of the curve

Kyle Wyatt

Even the Ashtrays

The finer points of Ron Thom

Kelvin Browne

How Prodigal the Soul

Two writers on living here and there

Mobólúwajídìde D. Joseph

It’s Your Nickel

A supplemental argument

Kyle Wyatt

Of Fish and Foundry

Labour shall refresh itself with hope

Rod Mickleburgh

A Little Bit Deadly

They work their butts off

John Fraser

Mum’s the Word

Slices of writerly life

Rosemary Counter

An Old Refrain

The medic who went around in circles

Dylan Reid

His Response

George Elliott Clarke’s side of the story

Keith Garebian

The Present Begets the Past

From Montreal to Buenos Aires

John Baglow

Screen and Roll

Dribble like someone is watching

Pasha Malla

Artist as a Young Man

Remembering David Blackwood

David Macfarlane

Stories of a People

Saeed Teebi’s debut collection

Aaron Kreuter

Drawing Conclusions

Representing the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic

Christian Quesnel

Rumour Has It

A healthy correspondence

Kyle Wyatt

Sentence Structure

Views from the inside

Amy Reiswig

The Medical Corps

At the juncture of two oaths

Adam Chapnick

To Lüneburg

An author’s long path

Joyce Wayne

Whims and Longings

In the vicinity of that folio

Jessica Duffin Wolfe

Me, My Shelf, and I

An account of empty boxes

Mark Kingwell


In search of good company

Kenzie Burchell

Wanted Dead or Alive

Why the Western endures

Bob Armstrong

Remembering Mavis

When she looked out the window

Gregory Shupak

Codex Asado

Those most nourishing ideas

Luciana Erregue-Sacchi

Party Girls

Any given campaign

Brooke Jeffrey

As We Know It

For charity’s an argument

Ian Smillie

Miracle Grow

Quebec is doing just fine

Graham Fraser

Solitary Bird

He wrote this but as an essay

John Allemang

The Ramble

Memories from the PMO

J. L. Granatstein

Uncertain Twilight

Our revels are now ended

Gilbert Reid

Under the Hood

Vaclav Smil sets out to explain

David Marks Shribman


Investigating a curious figure

Michael Taube

The Creator

If only his walls could talk

Kelvin Browne

Bright Yonge Things

Where east meets west

John Lorinc

The Tech of the Town

You think you’re so smart

Frances Bula

Ice Corps

The cold, hard truth

Joanna Kafarowski

Without Great Seriousness

My tadpoles, my goldfish, and I

Kyle Wyatt

A Sort of Equilibrium

Revisiting the debates of old

Jeffrey Simpson

The Four Pallbearers

On some not so fine print

Donald Wright

For the Time Is at Hand

Three takes on the end of the world

Zsuzsi Gartner

A Dual Perspective

Scenes of a Congolese world

Amanda Perry

Body Language

This novel of a type

Robert McGill

Unusual Suspect

With vague ideas of armed struggle

Ryan Thorpe

The Long Grind

As the novelty wears off

J.R. McConvey

Into the Woods

Landscapes of a Greenland past

Samantha Jones

Knock on Wood

Solutions don’t always grow in trees

John Baglow

Pursuit and Policy

Diplomatically speaking

Geoff White

The War That Came Before

With rifles, swords, and spades

Tim Cook

Paper Trail

A son’s journey to Vietnam

David Wilson


With characters of brass

Jo-Ann Wallace

Stock Exchange

Trying to get our hands around it

Kyle Wyatt

Plain Injustice

The murder of Louie Sam

Kyle Wyatt

For Whoever You Are

Martha Wainwright on the record

Jill Wilson

The Dandurands

An Edwardian power couple

Patrice Dutil

A Rare Bird

With binoculars at the ready

Susan Crean

Bog Trotter

The wet centre is bottomless

Gayatri Kumar

Making a Scene

Experimental film is ready for its close-up

Keith Garebian

Mixed Grill

Served with a side of mourning

Rose Hendrie

Ebb and Flow

Reflections on the life aquatic

Sandra Martin

This Old Thing?

The clothes that make the man

David Macfarlane

Talk Diversity to Me

On cynicism and sincerity

Kelly Baron

An Ode to Family

Memories of a war-torn land

Zoya Merchant

With Such Precautions

Trying to put it behind us

Kyle Wyatt

Toppling Statutes?

Thoughts on modern constitutions

George Anderson

The People’s Province

Saskatchewan knows what it wants

Murray Campbell

A Neglected Pledge

Moving beyond apologies

Elaine Coburn

One Hundred Days

How to explain a genocide

Pearl Eliadis

False Positives

Riding the first wave in Quebec

Graham Fraser


Prop and circumstance

Amanda Perry

The Western Terminus

In that place called Vancouver

Marisa Grizenko

Curtain Call

Along our treasured canal

Elizabeth Hay


Margaret Atwood’s on fire

Gilbert Reid

Leaving Them

The hardest thing I’ve ever done

Cecily Ross

Project Management

Somewhere over the Mountain

Marianne Ackerman

Finding Illich

David Cayley’s labour of love

Michael W. Higgins

In the Squalid Mile

The latest from Heather O’Neill

Ruth Panofsky

Thrill Seekers

Are you not entertained?

Alexander Sallas

Tower Records

Shooting the prairie giants

Chris Attrell

Chancing to Rise

Our evolving relationship with China

Dan Dunsky

Imaginary Futures

Nothing will be like before

Kyle Wyatt

Shut Your Eyes and See

A nation’s mythologies

David Dunne

Hollowed Halls

What ails the study of foreign policy?

Yuen Pau Woo

With Letters of Commission

Reconsidering the state of the federation

J.D.M. Stewart

The Fifth

From printer’s devil to prime minister

Michael Taube

Notes to Self

The art of personal narration

John Lownsbrough

First Lady

The incomparable Flora MacDonald

Beth Haddon

His Superlatives

Tomson Highway’s joy

Keith Garebian

The Longest Nights

When the temperatures dipped in Montreal

James Hughes

On the Silver Trail

A small town’s outsize influence

Charlotte Gray

Tug of War

An army created out of nothing

J. L. Granatstein

Death of an Author

The weirdest man I never met

Sandra Martin

Behind the Second Story

A sequel to a Canadian classic

Tom Jokinen


Not so black and white

Sarah Ellis

Editorial Restraints

On various conflicts of interest

Kyle Wyatt

Sense of an Ending

Whether that nation can long endure

David Marks Shribman

Through Youthful Eyes

Eleven months in the Middle East

Bronwyn Drainie

Out of Place and Time

It’s still too often about elsewhere

Mobólúwajídìde D. Joseph

Want My Advice?

Jocelyn Coulon thinks we’ve lost our way

Graham Fraser

Dear Pierre

Two men of letters

Bruce K. Ward

The Correspondent

Unstoppable Hilary Brown

Brian Stewart

One Foot in Front of the Other

Round and round an endless track

John Allemang

Hare-Brained Ideas

And that left turn at Albuquerque

Alexander Sallas

That World Elsewhere

In some ways, I’ve already been

Pamela Mulloy

She Liked Short Lines

The lyrical voices of Carol Shields

Bruce Whiteman

States of Being

The latest from Casey Plett

John Elizabeth Stintzi

That the Poet Here Describes

When a response is demanded

Gary Geddes

Those Lessons Many

All that we pick up in person

Kyle Wyatt

Among the Thorns

What grows in the Sunshine Province

Amanda Perry

To Serve and Reflect

This matter really strikes much deeper

Ryan Thorpe

This Dear Green Place

Our latest last best hope

Graeme Young

Pain and Strong Endeavours

Allies against the war on drugs

Viviane Fairbank

That Ever Governed Frenzy

Through the eyes of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Michael Wernick

Jeffrey Simpson

Muslims and the Media

A uniquely shameful chapter

Haroon Siddiqui

Building Worlds

With the Cundill Prize finalists

Christopher Moore

Acts of Union

Power to the teachers

John Baglow

And the Waters Increased

November in the Fraser Valley

Heather Ramsay

So Here We Are

Saying goodbye to Morris

Jules Lewis

Variations on a Theme Park

Randy Boyagoda sends Prin packing

Aaron Kreuter

Here There Be Monsters

When falsehood can look so like the truth

J.R. McConvey

In the Boreal Wilds

A translation of Audrée Wilhelmy

Rose Hendrie

Exhibit B

Breaking down the building blocks

Catherine L. Evans


The reality of the situation

Kyle Wyatt

The Gloves Are Off

Where men enforced do speak

Stephen Smith

Rocket Men

It’s going to be a long, long time

J.D.M. Stewart

The Infernals

If they want to have a war, let it begin here

Kyle Wyatt


Policy in an age of displacement

Chris Alexander

The Poisoned Well

Oil and water don’t mix

David Venn

City Limits

That shrinking feeling

Frances Bula

The Barons of Barton Street

They built this city on iron and steel

Jason Russell

The F Word

On different wavelengths

Gayatri Kumar

From Far Away

Coming to the journey’s end

Chad Kohalyk

And Change We Did

My experiment with life on the left

Joyce Wayne

On the Wall

A new collection by Cora Siré

Nathaniel G. Moore

The Three Pamphleteers

Addressing the unconcerned and the unaware

John Allemang

Quandary Quebec

Divisive issues in La Belle Province

Amanda Perry

Mission Critical

No shelter to these outrages

James Hughes

Carbon Copy

In equal balance justly weighed

Geoff White

Où ce-qu’il vient de?

The journey of a cosmopolitan Acadian

Graham Fraser

The Malaria Guru

From rags to research

Rachel Gerry

Rock Star

As Smallwood took the stage

Michael Taube

Small Wonders

I must have been changed several times since then

Rose Hendrie

Devilish Charm

The public facades of private corporations

Pamela Divinsky

Waiting Game

When the chips are down

Kyle Wyatt

Loonie Tunes

A deep dive with an iconic bird

Michael Strizic


On our faulty logic

Murray Campbell


This is Peter Mansbridge

Beth Haddon

Guardians of the Galleria

Where have all the heroes gone?

J.R. McConvey

The Beauty of It

Never forget one little point

Mireille Silcoff

Oh, the Humanities!

A challenge to the hallowed halls

John Fraser

Horns of Our Dilemma

These are the ways the world ends

Spencer Morrison

The Pied Pipers

When I gave up beer for wine

Ron Graham

Below the Brine

Wave after wave thus leaps

Jessica Duffin Wolfe

The Quality of Her Passion

Kim Echlin’s stirring narratives

Katherine Ashenburg

Something Wicked

The hysteria that gripped

Tom Jokinen

Jagged Little Pills

Douglas Coupland is back

Allan Hepburn

A Pearl Anniversary

Looking back on the first issue

Patrice Dutil

Of an Age

Late thoughts and latter-day visions

Mark Kingwell

Foot in the Bucket

It's time to call the play

Kyle Wyatt

Impact Statement

Whose social responsibility is it anyway?

Dan Dunsky

In Some Measure

Unequal stories of Canada

John Cruickshank

Question Time

A debate of national proportions

Christopher Dummitt

The Understory

How forests are wired for the future

Bob Armstrong

A Radical Journey

E. T. Kingsley’s activism

John Baglow

No Kidding

Jesters do oft prove prophets

Marisa Grizenko

On Gossamer Wings

We shall not be, tomorrow, what we were

Rosemary Counter

Polyphonic Symphony

Hearing the voices of yesterday

Elaine Coburn

Over Tokyo

Malcolm Gladwell’s point of view

J. L. Granatstein

A Fair Exchange?

Off to Frankfurt we go

Jody Mason

Moore Content

Wrestling with change

Gilbert Reid

Connect Four

Linden MacIntyre’s new novel

Kyle Wyatt

Lady M

The latest from Mona Awad

Christina Turner

Down the Road

The challenge of changing gears

Kyle Wyatt

Second Opinion

Just what did the doctor order?

Viviane Fairbank

A More Civil Service

Fear not your government

Alex Himelfarb

Long Arms

Extending the executive’s reach

George Anderson

Think Big

Five changes that made us

Andre Schmid

Greener Grass

Can’t argue with chronic success

Matthew J. Bellamy

The Art of Losing

The archeology of two lives

Graham Fraser

No Thank You

Once upon a Canadian dream

Gayatri Kumar

In the Human Frame

Memories of the baffled king

Jessica Duffin Wolfe

The Director

How his tradition got started

Keith Garebian

Scrolling in the Deep

Under the influence of influencers

Ella Austin

All the Feels

Keeping up with the emoji

Kevin Keystone

In the Telling

The voices in our heads

Emily Urquhart

In the Grey Light

Illustrating a modern classic

Michael Doyle

Poetry She Wrote

A new novel by Kathleen Winter

Brett Josef Grubisic

Little Woman

The latest from Miriam Toews

Myra Bloom


A question of faith

Omar Mouallem

Requiem for a European

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Jean McNeil

Nor Any Drop to Drink

An astronomical problem

Kyle Wyatt

This Is America

A promissory note not yet paid

Wade Davis

Roger and Me

Looking back on China’s future

John Fraser

Over Time

Still at work on the sticky floor

Pearl Eliadis

Maple Branches

Who talks of my nation?

Jonathan Yazer

The Envoy

Mark Carney has a plan

Jeff Costen

It’s Complicated

Canada and the Vietnam War

Tyler Wentzell

He Spoke Volumes

Lorne Pierce verses the world

Laura Cameron


A revised history of Quebec

Bruce K. Ward

Mission Statement

A shelter from the storm

James Hughes

Thou Art Anxious

Decisions, decisions

John Baglow

Drawing Rooms

The Rock and the Big Land

Carol Bishop-Gwyn

Portrait of a Writer

David Macfarlane’s new memoir

John Allemang


A little here and there

Kyle Wyatt

Toil and Trouble

What a way to make a living

Stephen Marche

Alive and Kicking

Le Chef continues to make an impression

Graham Fraser

The Breakdown

Tales of corrugated fibreboard

Marlo Alexandra Burks

Copy Cats

A little from column A, a little from column B

J.D.M. Stewart

Curious George

About the simple things

Rose Hendrie

Writing into the Sunset

In the saddle with Canadian novelists

Bob Armstrong

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

Kelvin Browne

Green Eggs and Glam

The case against one man's book

Richard D. Mohr

Queen of Queen’s

The woman behind the writers

J.R. McConvey

Consider the Snark

Navigating the third wave without a map

Kyle Wyatt

Skeleton Key

A process extended in time

Nicole Brossard

Lost and Fonds

Our national archives’ poor record

Paul Marsden

Period Piece

Forty-five years of change

Jeffrey Simpson

Made of the Mist

Going behind the curtain

Kyle Wyatt

Riding the Waves

Where should women march next?

Julie McGonegal

Localized Pain

Ghosts of a pandemic past

Peter L. Twohig

Lapsed Duty

A hist­ory of neglect

John Baglow

Northern Memories

A story of forced relocation

Elaine Coburn

The Bay Street Boys

Tales from the corner office

Kelvin Browne

After Eden

Contemplating that final act

Mark Kingwell

Homeward Bound

Live from the dog’s house

Murray Brewster

The Back of Beyond

Down a dirt road lives a bookshop

Sheree Fitch

Beyond Words

Somewhere in the in-between

Cara Nelissen

Where Magic Is Real

Stretches of the imagination

Brad Dunne

Pandemic Bookmarks

An evening with Saleema Nawaz

Jill Wilson

Touch of Madness

A new translation of a classic

Amanda Perry

Finders Keepers

Will Ferguson’s latest novel

David Wilson

Composite Sketches

Two tales of true crime

Basil Guinane

I Must Confess

Zsuzsi Gartner’s debut novel

Aaron Kreuter

The Roundup

On Canada's literary landscape

Kyle Wyatt

Not Safe for Work?

Huawei in the crosshairs

Geoff White

There Shall Be a Sitting

Canada’s forty-third vote

Graham Fraser

Historical Friction

On the teaching of yesteryear

Patrice Dutil

Material Concern

In a world that’s all mixed up

Nicholas Griffin

Decidedly Disconnected

Three months in a monastery

Chad Kohalyk

Agent Zero

Her tale of delusion

Charlotte Gray

This Lenten Season

Where they were all alone

Kelvin Browne

That Nightly Hoots and Wonders

Listening to the natural world

Tom Jokinen

A Pronounced Problem

Hearing the stories closer to home

Kyle Wyatt

Slouching toward Democracy

Where have all the wise men gone?

Marlo Alexandra Burks

Share and Share Alike

How Ottawa slices the pie

Murray Campbell

Wild Rose Diplomacy

Negotiating Alberta’s uncertain future

Bruce Campbell

The History Books

On the Cundill Prize short list

Christopher Moore

At Daggers Drawn

Margaret MacMillan soldiers on

J. L. Granatstein

The Diarist

Making tracks in a new land

John Lownsbrough

The Prophet

Atwood’s poetic voice

Shannon Hengen

Home Sweet Unhomely

The latest from André Alexis

Spencer Morrison

Trash Talk

A time to band together

Myra J. Hird

Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me

The pros and cons of disclosure

Krzysztof Pelc

Around the Bend

The many ways rivers run through it

Robert Girvan

Whatever the Cost May Be

Preparing for the fight of our life

John Baglow

Royal Descent

Rideau Hall is brought down to earth

Mark Lovewell

Shot in the Arm

Living in a time of crises

Kyle Wyatt

A Maritime Murder

The final book by Silver Donald Cameron

Frank Macdonald

Je me souviens de quoi?

A fresh take on the beautiful province

Graham Fraser

Paws for Thought

The costs of man's best friends

Susan Crean

An Arctic Fable

Once upon the melting ice

Sandra Martin

Lives Less Ordinary

Peter Mansbridge's unsung heroes

J.D.M. Stewart

Her Little Black Book

Barbara Amiel doesn't give a damn

Kelvin Browne

The Colossus

Notes on our twelfth prime minister

J. L. Granatstein

Graphic Narrative

Drawn-out dramas of the North

J.R. Patterson

Comfort Foods

The tragic tale of a cookbook

Hattie Klotz

Front-Line Worker

A family’s postwar trials

John Fraser

Stage Management

Fourteen fixes for a broken theatre

Marianne Ackerman

The Hole Truth

A metaphor for the year past

Kyle Wyatt

The Philanthropist’s Dilemma

Elsewhere they meet with charity

Ian Smillie

Bank Account

An institution’s history

Kelvin Browne

This Is Not the End of the Story

The lasting promise of section 35

Ian Waddell

Title Role

A failure of imagination

Jonathan Yazer

The Canadian Conversation

A Polish journalist’s perspective on residential schools

Magdalena Milosz

Mennonite Descent

A journey through the colonies

Geoff Martin

Tech Support

Who’s helping who?

Dan Falk


How one woman engineered change

Sheilla Jones

Collected Thoughts

Self-portrait of a curator

Keith Garebian

Lonely Hearts Club

Settling in with Helen Humphreys

Katherine Ashenburg

Voices among Us

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson’s latest

Christina Turner

Socially Distant

Maybe the problem with Facebook is us

Dan Dunsky

Power Down

Is this the twilight’s last gleaming?

Srdjan Vucetic

Operative Words

Behind the campaign curtain

Jeff Costen

American Judge

The normal is gone

Kyle Wyatt

There May Yet Be Hope

Our future is not set in stone

Arno Kopecky

In the Holy Land

A new perspective on an age-old conflict

Patrick Martin

A Wretched Motley Crew

The struggle that defined two nations

Chris Alexander

Service Records

The changing ways we remember

Adam Chapnick

Wrap Party

Ode to a famous sandwich

Amy Spurway

Bathroom Reading

Too many still aren’t sitting comfortably

Rose Hendrie

Sales Report

This unaffordable Vancouver

Frances Bula

Poet for Our Times

Returning to the words of Dorothy Livesay

Aaron Giovannone

Portraits of Tragedy

A remarkable debut collection

David Staines

Twitter Fingers

Vivek Shraya’s new novel

Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Bricks without Straw

Toward a sureness of hand

Pablo Strauss


Lisa Robertson’s first novel

Bardia Sinaee

Found in Translation

The gender politics of South Korea

Sheima Benembarek

The Quiet Canadian

Fictional encounters with Leonard Cohen

Tom Jokinen

Personal Battlegrounds

The enigma of Timothy Findley

Keith Garebian

Death Becomes Us

On the universal experience

Kevin Keystone

A Farewell to Arms

Where did all the junk go?

J. L. Granatstein

A Whole Different Animal

Transforming our food systems

Jennifer O'Connor

Thank You, Next

The Conservatives’ commitment problem

Joe Martin

A Noble Departure

The lost art of standing down

Scott Griffin

Shifting Gears

Toward a car-free future

Chad Kohalyk


Meanwhile, down below

Sarah Wylie Krotz

Lesson Plans

Adventures in rhyme with a boy of nine

Katherine Ashenburg

At What Price?

The costs of an unfolding drama

Alex Himelfarb

The Prognosis

Looking the consequences in the eye

David Cayley

This Story Is Mine

Why I’m finally telling it

Cecily Ross

A Divided Nation

The growing gulf between Canada’s digital haves and have-nots

Kyle Wyatt

My Tour of Nowhere

I’ve still not seen my books in a bookstore

John Elizabeth Stintzi

Crossed Histories

A collection from Kaie Kellough

Amanda Perry

A Sultan’s Education

Babe Ruth before pinstripes

Michael Taube

The Ashes

A season of loss

Mark Kingwell

Big Questions

And Gideon said unto him

John Fraser

Ink Stained

Reflections on newsrooms past

John Allemang

Draw a Bath

The architecture of where we wash

Kelvin Browne

Book Club

A lifetime of publishing in London

Anna Porter

The Mess

Deconstructing the institutional food menu

Sarah E. Tracy

Comeau Speaks

Insights from inside the FLQ

Graham Fraser

Language Barrier

The life of a conspiracy theory

Richard Moon

All the Kremlin’s Men

On seventy-five years of Russian interference

Joyce Wayne

Lend Me Your Ear

In defence of public libraries

Stephen Abram

The Western Front

Speaking unspoken truths

Zalika Reid-Benta

School Daze

A teenager’s view from lockdown

Abi Morum

Virtual Realities

Putting technology to the test

Paul W. Bennett


Here is a coast and here is a harbour

Jean McNeil

What’s in a Name?

The divisiveness of public commemoration

Kyle Wyatt

The Passport

New-found meaning behind that slim and elegant booklet

Stephen Marche


When a friend put a pen in my hand

Sheree Fitch

An Urgent Realm

Mallory Tater’s dark debut

Cecily Ross

Trying Situations

A new collection from David Bergen

David Staines

North and South

Cuba’s Orwellian mystery

Amanda Perry

Lawgivers of the Mind

The moral coding of artificial intelligence

Brendan Howley

Risky Business

The journeys of human curiosity

Gregory P. Marchildon

National Personality

The legacy of Marcel Cadieux

Bruce K. Ward

Heart and Solo

Beyond the Silicon Valley fallacy

Rob Csernyik


Keeping spirits up in isolation

David Wilson

Waiting on Tables

When no one’s being served

Michael Humeniuk

Summer School

Acknowledging and talking about uncomfortable truths

Kyle Wyatt

China’s Moment

Reckoning with an empire state of mind

Dan Dunsky

An Act of Protest

Desmond Cole says his piece

Morgan Campbell

False Notions

Yes, certain conditions continue to exist

Mark Nkalubo Nabeta

One for the Books

Publishing in a pandemic

Ian Hamilton

The Rule of Jane

A writer’s lessons for today

Kevin Shaw

What They Think You Are

Behind Warhol’s blond ambition

Kelvin Browne

Complicated Ties

Jean Vanier and the United Church

Michael W. Higgins

Ye of Little Faith

The nation’s unbelievers

Alexander Sallas

Name Drop

Whose nomenclature is it anyway?

Daniel Garisto

Is This Thing On?

The sorry state of our national broadcaster

Beth Haddon


Skewed views of work

Gayatri Kumar

Complex Case

Examining Canada’s health care history

Murray Campbell

The Exponent

On the many costs of more

Carlo Di Nicola

A Novel Situation

Literary creatures in this time of crisis

Daniel Goodwin

Don’t Stop the Presses

Finding a newspaper model that works

Kyle Wyatt

When Suppertime Came

We still don’t know why the Fitzgerald went down

Tom Jokinen

Storeys of Stories

Finding the sublime in the ridiculous

Allan Hepburn

Visions of a Crisis

Difficult days in Ecuador

Kimberley Brown

Through the Fog

Turning to Rebecca Solnit in times of trouble

Geoff Martin

Until We Meet Again

A journey there and back

Rose Hendrie

Alone Time

A nation in isolation

Mark Kingwell

Food for Thought

Eight billion mouths and counting

Viviane Fairbank

Balance the Books

The case for Canadian publishing

Victor Rabinovitch

Zoom with a View

The inner lives of co-workers

Eric Johnson

The Long Change

Hockey’s unassuming hero

Jeff Costen

Man of the Miramichi

A new collection by David Adams Richards

Keith Garebian

Coming Home to Roost

The cracks in everyday lives

Kelli Deeth

The Ancient Port

And there was a mighty tempest

Spencer Morrison

Mapping What Ails Us

Intimidation and lies just spread

Kyle Wyatt

His Duty

One man’s fight against militarism

Mathilde Montpetit

Reggae Frame of Mind

A genre’s racially charged history

Michael Thomas

Is This Seat Taken?

Canada’s bid for the Security Council

Jeffrey F. Collins

Take Note

Putting pen to pixel

Hattie Klotz

The Human Factor

At the beginning of Canada’s oldest company

Michael Taube

Collision Course

Reckoning with an existential threat

John Baglow

Within These Walls

Hidden stories from the prairies

Isabel Huggan

Family Secrets

Anita Kushwaha’s new novel

Adnan Khan

A Different Rhythm

Editing against the clock

Rob Taylor

Taking Stock

What if the cod never returns?

Brad Dunne

Grand Scheme

When a dream is too good to be true

Tomas Hachard

Your Inner Number Cruncher

Recalculating math education

Sasha Gollish

Outraged by Outrage

Gen X confronts the culture wars

Jill Wilson


Notes on climate catastrophe

Susan Crean

Coming to the Table

When patience matters

Kyle Wyatt


Old stories of a new virus

Jessica Duffin Wolfe

The Floodgates

A Cree poet journeys home

Christina Turner

Me, Myself, and India

The debut collection from Anosh Irani

Keith Garebian

The Scribblers

Reading between the lines

Ruth Jones

You’re Joking

True lies in Canadian art

Chris Hampton

Brain Drain

The lost influence of intellectuals

Kenneth C. Dewar

The Acadian

Michel Bastarache speaks

Graham Fraser

The Logic of Empire

Writing our histories differently

Mark Kingwell

Bards and Bytes

A future with silicon collaborators

Tom Jokinen

Education, Inc.

When companies control the chalkboards

Dan Guadagnolo

The Arts of the Deal

International trade and the survival of Canadian culture

Darrell Varga

For the Record

Running commentary

Kyle Wyatt

Character Study

Encounters with my father in the works of Mordecai Richler

Ruth Panofsky

Cut It Out

Our fear of offending has gone too far

Lydia Perovic

Poverty Matters

Working toward a basic income

Kathleen Wynne


Make-believe residents of a displaced community

George Elliott Clarke

Dilemma Capitalism

The system cannot change itself

Pamela Divinsky

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

When McLuhan wrote Trudeau

Patrice Dutil

Mercury Rising

When it comes to climate change, Canada’s all talk

Craig Taylor

A Question of Our Time

Racism goes beyond blackface

Mayann Francis

Nerve Endings

An unsettling presence in Lynn Coady’s latest

Megan Kuklis

Between the Cushions

Finding something new in a well-trod genre

Basil Guinane

Check Out Libby

The workings of a virtual library

Jessica Duffin Wolfe

Fake and Forgotten Foods

Satiating our ceaseless hunger for authenticity

Sarah E. Tracy

Creature Feature

Bigfoot doesn’t always leave tracks

Tom Jokinen

Our Forgotten War

Have we already lost sight of Afghanistan?

Murray Brewster

Peace Out

Our diminished role in keeping the world safe

Graeme Young

Car Talk

The blindness of the Big Three

Dimitry Anastakis

Stranger Things

Expecting the unexpected from Malcolm Gladwell

Judy Stoffman

Broken Spines and Other Sins

Our complicated relationship with books

Andrew Benjamin Bricker

Sticky Situationists

On the origins of the modern spectacle

Nathaniel Weiner

Claim Game

The high stakes of fraudulent identity

Sasha Chabot-Gaspé

Fake Views

The splinternet of modern cartography

Kyle Wyatt

My Writing Desk

I inherited more than a piece of furniture

Margaret E. Schotte

Fresh Prince

Steven Price’s novel take on a classic

Katherine Ashenburg

Pilgrims’ Progress?

Patrick Warner heads to Spain

Rose Hendrie

Some New Material

Sean Michaels bets on comedy

Marisa Grizenko

Curtain Call

Images that have shaped the Canadian stage

Keith Garebian

Flight Club

The pioneering pilot who flew under the radar

David Wilson

A Gutsy Gambit

Millennials and their checkered reality

Ethan Lou

Dropping the Puck

Can hockey mount a comeback?

Stephen Smith

Governing a Homeland

The politics of the Métis Nation

David Parent

A Fair Hearing

Lessons from Robyn Doolittle’s new book

Kelly S. Thompson

Pushing Boundaries

The past and present of abortion travel

Shannon Stettner

True Brew

Cracking open a refreshing history of Labatt’s

Dan Malleck

Somewhere over Rome

Confronting Fascism then and now

Jeannie Marshall

Oil and Holy Water

Bearing the cross of a natural resource

Tom Jokinen


Interviewing kids behind bars

Deborah Ellis

Boy, Oh Boy

Pauline Holdstock’s child wonder

Alexander Sallas

Golf Clap

Teeing up a new novel

Zuri H. Scrivens

Island Times

Life in the Pacific Northwest

Nicholas Bradley

Word Break

Canada needs an updated dictionary

Pamela Capraru

A Chance Encounter

The fiction of Helen Weinzweig

Jules Lewis

White Water

When the canoe went mainstream

Marc Fawcett-Atkinson

The Great Escape

Can we break out of our social media addiction?

John Baglow

All That Glitters

What corporate social responsibility is not

Pearl Eliadis

Intelligence Test

Anticipating an artificial world

Brendan Howley

Double Exposure

Neighbours with differences

Matthew Lombardi

Soap Opera

Scouring a soiled past

Marisa Grizenko

Housing Rights

Ottawa takes a historic step forward

Bruce Porter and Elizabeth McIsaac

The Blues

Two books on protecting water

Robert Sandford

Our Modern Albatross

How plastic plagues us

Holly Hogan

In the Margins

A poetic journey through cancer

Moira MacDougall

That Most Lonely Place

A dark and daring translation

Rose Hendrie

Left Behind

A novel look at an evangelical mission

Ayah Victoria McKhail

Still Missing

The whereabouts of Ambrose Small

John Lownsbrough

Golden Boy

Reclaiming a sports hero

Matt Hughes

Deal or No Deal?

Naomi Klein makes her case

Sanket Sharma

Here, No Evil

Are there bad people or just bad deeds?

Joseph Heath

The Treaties

Ottawa negotiated in bad faith

Heather Menzies

Yes, Genocide

Overruling tepid language

Harry S. LaForme

No Genocide

It’s not the right word for the history books

Donald B. Smith and J.R. Miller

Don’t Forget

What we still get wrong about Quebec

Bruce K. Ward

Comedy of Errors

We deserve better political memoirs

J.D.M. Stewart

Liberalism 101

Notes for a skeptical generation

Trevor Norris

Referendum Trudeau

He campaigned in poetry but governed in prose

Jeff Costen

Clickbait and Switch

Startling trends for democracy

Chris Alexander

Murder, She Writes

Why I returned to true crime

Charlotte Gray

Mark My Words

A new collection by Elise Levine

Alex Good

Double or Nothing

Two novels go all in on gambling

Spencer Morrison

Graphic Loss

Seth contemplates a bygone era

André Babyn

How We Got Here

A bifurcated history from Aleksandar Hemon

Lydia Perovic

Influence U

Going beyond the op-ed

Letitia Henville

Not-So-Modest Proposals

Prescriptions for an ailing democracy

David Berlin

Source Code

The men and women who have changed our world

Susan Crean

The Moral Quandary of Commas

Wringing our hands over matters of style

Andrew Benjamin Bricker

A Moving History

Attempts to reshape a nation

Candace Savage

An Unquestioned Truth

Capitalism is not the only answer

Pamela Divinsky

Common Elements

The coercive world of condo governance

John Lorinc

The Maestros

Directing the many moving parts of a great city

Frances Bula

Meritocracy and Its Discontents

The lessons of an unequal opportunity system

James Brooke-Smith

The Winter Queen

Reimagining a dramatic reign

Patricia Treble

An Edited Life

A new novel by Alix Ohlin

Allan Hepburn

Distorted Views

Essays on obsession and hypocrisy

Myra Bloom

Man of Letters

The prolific George Bowering

Judy Stoffman

For the Record

Preserving today for tomorrow

Lisa Betel

Bilingualism at Fifty

The challenge of translating policy into action

David Breault

Justice League

Defining a new international crime

Brendan Howley

See the North

The persistent allure of a mysterious region

Michael Strizic

The Art of Vigilance

Because a culture of protest matters

Marlo Alexandra Burks

Nosey Foe

Our pint-sized predators

Elaine Anselmi

Moai in a Bottle

A fantastic voyage revisited

Craig Taylor

The King’s Ear

On the influence of dictators

Chris Alexander

White Noise

Much ado about diversity

John Allemang

God of Poetry

Apollo was about more than going to the moon

Robert Smith

A Not-So-Simple Love Story

Even in the photos, it’s rarely black and white

Elspeth H. Brown

Family Ties

Was this my mother’s world?

Kevin Keystone


Travels with an order of Timbits

Megan Kuklis

A Fatherly Course

Piecing together a family history at sea

Scott Griffin

Inside the Box

An investigative journalist goes undercover at Walmart

Alexander Sallas

Muslim Pride

A timely LGBTQ memoir

Sheima Benembarek

More Than Words

The legal implications of Indigenous languages

Heather Menzies

Track Changes

How black railway porters helped reshape a nation

Donna Bailey Nurse

Delay of Game

When the NFL refused black players, the CFL stood up

Morgan Campbell

Gravy Train

Sumptuous fare on the world’s great railways

Hattie Klotz

Snap Out of It

Can science correct our distorted realities?

Andrew Potter

Rwanda’s Legacy

The complicated lessons of genocide

Murray Campbell

The Crossroads of Canada

Jewish immigrants and the making of modern Winnipeg

Jill Wilson

Manifest No

Conrad Black’s mission to trumpet Canada

Matthew Lombardi

Drip by Drip

The iconic Canadian company that changed the world

Dimitry Anastakis

To Nie Kanada

Our country through the eyes of others

Krzysztof Pelc

Positively Shady

The glamorous activism of M.A.C Cosmetics

Elspeth H. Brown

Defence Mechanism

Questioning the Kosovo War, twenty years later

Geoff White

State of the Unions

The birth and promise of Unifor

John Baglow

Blind Spotting

The CBC’s narrow take on Canadian history

Matthew J. Bellamy

Taking Refuge

Nineteenth-century Americans look north

Michael Taube

The Cherokee Scot

A new edition of a wartime memoir

Donald B. Smith

The Soap Myth

A Holocaust artifact in a post-truth era

Daniel Panneton

Reading with Mental Illness

For us, the finish line is a mirage

Leanne Toshiko Simpson

Well Versed

How poets describe the indescribable

Bardia Sinaee

Blurred Borders

The human stories behind immigration

David Wallace

Cautionary Tale

A woman shouldn’t have to explain herself

Rose Hendrie

The Horizons Beyond

Living with albinism in a dark world

Emily Urquhart

Classical Accompaniment

The arrangement that shapes my characters

Adam Foulds

With Jackie

It all started when I answered the phone

Gilbert Reid

Dead on Arrival

There’s no elegant way to eat cretons

Lydia Perovic

Worthy Backstory

The mystery of Ava Lee’s Uncle Chow

Basil Guinane

A Doctor’s Practice

Four decades in northern medicine

Larry Krotz

The Voices of Summer

Baseball from the broadcast booth

Charles Gordon

Fishing for Answers

The causes and effects of the Asian carp invasion

Bob Sexton

Racism in the Court

The real consequences of fake justice

Harold R. Johnson

One Explosive Situation

An industry that writes its own rules leaves us all at risk

Murray Campbell

Separation Anxiety

The secret correspondence of two Quebec luminaries

Bruce K. Ward

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Jeffrey F. Collins

Recommended Dose of Reality

Yet another misdiagnosis won’t fix our health care system

Gregory P. Marchildon

The Superpower Next Door

Bully for you — but at what cost?

Krzysztof Pelc

Bored to Life

Finding ourselves in zeros and ones

Jessica Duffin Wolfe

But Is It Trash?

Evaluating art in the age of conspicuous consumption

Marlo Alexandra Burks

An Eye-Popping Debut

The chaotic highs and lows of returning home

Cecily Ross

Beyond Reconciliation

Winnipeg’s shameful past shows the way forward

Colleen Simard

A Big Bang of Physics

Yearning to know our universe

Dan Falk

Courting Disaster

How did the supreme law of the land lose its supremacy?

Michael Bryant

All That Jazz

When a small club transformed Vancouver’s arts scene

George Fetherling

A Quiet Overthrow

The paradigmatic prescience of Jane Jacobs

John Barber

Screen Saver?

Questioning routine mammograms

Alanna Mitchell

Language Shaped by Silence

The mind and craft of a deaf writer

Linda Besner

Conspiracy Interceptor

Facts and fictions of the Avro Arrow

Christopher Waddell

A Fully Realized Senate

The upper chamber is finally doing what it’s supposed to do

Christopher Moore

Better Voters

Necessity demands a different approach to democracy

Elizabeth May

Say It Loud

Why the public service must speak up

Drew Fagan

You Too

Selling men on gender equality

Kate Heron

Defining Race

Andy Lamey on why both culture and biology count

Andy Lamey

The World inside Their Heads

A novelist wrestles with the idea that fiction is stranger than truth

Susan Swan

Eat, Die, Live

On life, death, and a good meal in between

John Allemang

The Formula to End Homelessness

A collection of essays from front-line workers

Carol Goar

‘Scots Wha Hae’

Turmoil in eighteenth-century Scotland changed Canada and the world

Chris Alexander

Right Out of Tosca

The sprawling, multi-generational history of a familythat is a window to the strangeness and richness of Quebec

Alison Gzowski

In the Company of War

Portraits from behind the lens of conflict photography

Murray Brewster

The Fire and Brimstone Next Time

We deal with the reality of evil by thinking of ways that sinners are punished

Mark Lovewell

When Terror Came to Canada

The response to the FLQ crisis remains controversial five decades later

Brian Stewart

The Devil Is in the Details

Canada’s legalization of marijuana raises a host of policy and health questions

Andrew Potter and James McIntosh

Ignoring Tectonic Shifts

As the Asian world has risen, Canada has paid little attention

David M. Malone

A Quiet Miracle

Jewish life has survived and thrived in Canada—against all odds

Suanne Kelman

Invisible Canadians

How can you live decades with someone and know nothing about him?

Judy Fong Bates

The Problem with Privilege

Private schools sell status and scandals are bad for business

Andy Lamey

On a Personal Note

A look at boyhood, a guide to goodness, and sports-based parenting

John Allemang

The Life and Death of Parents

Two writers look to the generation before them to tell stories of their past

Marian Botsford Fraser

Boredom as a Political Weapon

Saul Bellow fought banality—and taught us to look hard at the world

Tom Jokinen

The Mysteries of the Rainbow

Making and interpreting the colours around us

Ruth Jones

A Doubled Apocalypse

A remote community, the end of modernity, and an unnerving, "intensely claustrophobic" novel

Navneet Alang

Without a Prayer

How Christianity is losing ground in Canada

Michael W. Higgins

Polar Opposites

Arctic nations see opportunity in receding sea ice but the economic rewards may prove elusive

Edward Struzik

"I Simply Did a Mash-up"

Margaret Atwood in conversation with Michael Enright

Margaret Atwood and Michael Enright

Hell of a Racket

America was thirsty, and Canadians like to help

Dean Jobb