Barbara McDougall

LRC Contributor

Barbara McDougall is an advisor to Aird & Berlis LLP. She served as secretary of state for external affairs in the government of Brian Mulroney.

Articles by Barbara McDougall

  • A Lioness in Winter (September 2004)
    An appreciation of Sylvia Ostry
  • Deb and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (January–February 2005)
    A review of Deborah Grey’s Never Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize: My Life, My Politics
  • A Spy Story Well Told (April 2010)
    A review of Our Man in Tehran: Ken Taylor, the CIA and the Iran Hostage Crisis, by Robert Wright
  • A Satisfying Read (December 2007)
    A pair of reviews of Brian Mulroney’s Memoirs, 1939–1993
  • Our Poorest Neighbour (January–February 2007)
    A review of Haiti: Hope for a Fragile State, edited by Yasmine Shamsie and Andrew S. Thompson