Colin Robertson

LRC Contributor

Colin Robertson is senior strategic advisor to McKenna, Long and Aldridge LLP. A former Canadian diplomat, he was part of the team that negotiated the Canada-U.S. free trade agreement and NAFTA. He also served in New York, Los Angeles and Washington.

Articles by Colin Robertson

  • Kowtowing to the Hegemon (April 2010)
    A review of In Roosevelt’s Bright Shadow: Presidential Addresses about Canada from Taft to Obama in Honour of FDR’s 1938 Speech at Queen’s University, edited by Arthur Milnes, and At Home and Abroad: The Canada-U.S. Relationship and Canada’s Place in the World, by Patrick Lennox
  • Benefits of Empire (September 2009)
    A review of Lineages of Despotism and Development: British Colonialism and State Power, by Matthew Lange