Desmond Morton

LRC Contributor

Desmond Morton, author of 40 books on Canadian military, political and labour history, was the founding director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.

Articles by Desmond Morton

  • Mel’s Crystal Ball (November 2004)
    A review of Mel Hurtig’s Rushing to Armageddon: The Shocking Truth about Canada, Missile Defence and Star Wars
  • Dashed Hopes (November 2010)
    A review of The Ghosts of Europe: Journeys Through Central Europe’s Troubled Past and Uncertain Future, by Anna Porter
  • Navigating Imperial Rivers (January–February 2010)
    A review of Mohawks on the Nile: Natives among the Canadian Voyageurs in Egypt, 1884–1885, by Carl Benn
  • Shadow Dancing with the Americans (April 2007)
    A review of John Murray Clearwater’s Just Dummies: Cruise Missile Testing in Canada
  • An Incendiary Tale (April 2006)
    A review of The Hanging of Angélique: Canada, Slavery and the Burning of Montreal, by Afua Cooper