Frances Lankin

LRC Contributor

Frances Lankin is a former member of Ontario’s legislature and Cabinet minister. Lankin spent more than a decade as CEO of the United Way of Toronto. She was recently commissioned by the Ontario government to co-lead a review of the province’s social assistance program.

Articles by Frances Lankin

  • Tales from the Beat (November 2015)
    A review of Crime Seen: From Patrol Cop to Profiler, My Stories from Behind the Yellow Tape, by Kate Lines, and Damage Done: A Mountie’s Memoir, by Deanna Lennox
  • Woman’s Work (June 2013)
    A review of Journeywoman: Swinging a Hammer in a Man’s World by Kate Braid
  • From Woodsworth to Layton (September 2012)
    A review of Visionaries, Crusaders and Firebrands: The Idealistic Canadians Who Built the NDP, by Lynn Gidluck