Fraser Sutherland

LRC Contributor

Fraser Sutherland is a writer, editor and lexicographer who recently spent more than three years in China. He lives in Toronto. He has published 17 books: seven of nonfiction, one of short fiction and nine of poetry, most recently The Philosophy of As If (BookLand Press, 2010).

Articles by Fraser Sutherland

  • The Eye of One Beholder (March 2017)
    What happens to us when we encounter beauty?
  • A Response to James Pollock’s Choosing the Best Canadian Poetry (May 2009)
  • On a Drawing by Paul Young (March 2007)
    A poem
  • Referencing Canadian Lives (July–August 2006)
    A review of Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume XV (1921–1930), edited by Ramsay Cook and Réal Bélanger