Lewis DeSoto

LRC Contributor

Lewis DeSoto is the author of two novels and a biography of Emily Carr. His first novel, A Blade of Grass (HarperCollins, 2004), was long-listed for the Man Booker Prize and was an international bestseller.

Articles by Lewis DeSoto

  • Mystery Man (July–August 2015)
    A review of Norval Morrisseau: Man Changing into Thunderbird, by Armand Garnet Ruffo
  • Into the Phantom Zone (October 2010)
    A review of The Amazing Absorbing Boy, by Rabindranath Maharaj
  • Canada’s Boer War (January–February 2009)
    A review of The Great Karoo, by Fred Stenson
  • Diaspora Voices (March 2007)
    A review of TOK: Writing the New Toronto, Book 1, edited by Helen Walsh