Martin Laflamme

LRC Contributor

Martin Laflamme joined the Foreign Service in 2002. He has served overseas in Japan, Afghanistan and China—most of his assignments at headquarters have also focused on Asia.  He is currently a Deputy Director in the Southeast Asia and Oceania Division, at Global Affairs Canada. The views presented in the LRC are his own.

Articles by Martin Laflamme

  • Starchitect Saga (January–February 2016)
    A review of Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry, by Paul Goldberger, and Frank Gehry, edited by Aurélien Lemonier and Frédéric Migayrou
  • The Diplomatic Dance (October 2005)
    A review of Rollercoaster: My Hectic Years as Jean Chrétien’s Diplomatic Advisor 1994–1998, by James Bartleman, Getting It Done: A Memoir, by Derek H. Burney, and Escott Reid: Diplomat and Scholar, edited by Greg Donaghy and Stéphane Roussel
  • Reluctant Nationalistic Hero (May 2014)
    A review of Paul-Émile Borduas: A Critical Biography, by François-Marc Gagnon, translated by Peter Feldstein
  • Like Father, Like Daughter (December 2010)
    A review of The Ghost Brush, by Katherine Govier.
  • Thought in Action (July–August 2009)
    A review of Norman Bethune, by Adrienne Clarkson and “Norman Bethune: trail of Solidarity — La huella solidaria” at the McCord Museum of Canadian History
  • Diplomats: Do We Need Them? (March 2008)
    A review of Ambassador Assignments: Canadian Diplomats Reflect on Our Place in the World, edited by David Chalmer Reece
  • Our Man in London (December 2006)
    A review of Commissions High: Canada in London, 1870–1971, by Roy MacLaren