Peter Calamai

LRC Contributor

Peter Calamai has been a foreign correspondent, national reporter and editorial page editor for Southam newspapers and, most recently, science reporter and columnist for the Toronto Star. He is now freelancing to avoid the catastrophe of retirement.

Articles by Peter Calamai

  • The Theory of Everything (October 2004)
    A review of The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality, by Brian Greene, Three Roads to Quantum Gravity, by Lee Smolin, and Universe on a T-Shirt: The Quest for the Theory of Everything, by Dan Falk
  • Realistic Fortune Telling (May 2009)
    A review of Global Catastrophes and Trends: The Next Fifty Years, by Vaclav Smil
  • A Loss of Beauty (January–February 2008)
    A review of Silence of the Songbirds: How We Are Losing the World’s Songbirds and What We Can Do to Save Them, by Bridget Stutchbury
  • Half-Full or Half-Empty? (May 2006)
    A review of The Weather Makers: How We Are Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth, by Tim Flannery, and Sustainable Fossil Fuels: The Unusual Suspect in the Quest for Clean and Enduring Energy, by Mark Jaccard