Philip Slayton

LRC Contributor

Philip Slayton’s latest book is Mighty Judgment: How the Supreme Court of Canada Runs Your Life (Allen Lane, 2011).

Articles by Philip Slayton

  • As Others See Us (July–August 2012)
    Glimpses of Canada through other literary eyes
  • Waves of Contempt (January–February 2012)
    A review of A Matter of Principle, by Conrad Black
  • The Elected and the Appointed: Round Two (May 2010)
    A review of Not Quite Supreme: The Courts and Coordinate Constitutional Interpretation, by Dennis Baker
  • Strange Bedfellows (March 2010)
    A review of Canadian Maverick: The Life and Times of Ivan C. Rand, by William Kaplan
  • George Parkin (October 2008)
    A review of Parkin: Canada’s Most Famous Forgotten Man, by William Christian
  • North End Memories (April 2008)
    A review of A Glowing Dream: A Memoir, by Roland Penner
  • The Call of the Dispossessed (June 2007)
    A review of A Common Hunger: Land Rights in Canada and South Africa, by Joan G. Fairweather
  • Pot Pourri (July–August 2006)
    A review of Not This Time: Canadians, Public Policy and the Marijuana Question, 1961–1975, by Marcel Martel, and Bud Inc.: Inside Canada’s Marijuana Industry, by Ian Mulgrew