Ray Conlogue

LRC Contributor

Ray Conlogue is a former arts writer for The Globe and Mail and author of The Longing for Homeland in Canada and Quebec (Mercury Press, 1996), an analysis of the cultural and historical dimensions of Quebec’s independence movement, as well as being a translator, teacher and author of a young adult novel.

Articles by Ray Conlogue

  • From Crusader to Mayor (April 2016)
    A review of How We Changed Toronto: The Inside Story of Twelve Creative, Tumultuous Years in Civic Life, 1969–1980, by John Sewell
  • The Allure of Bias (December 2014)
    A review of Je me souviens? Le passé du Québec dans la conscience de sa jeunesse, by Jocelyn Létourneau
  • Imagining Democracies (September 2004)
    A review of Modern Social Imaginaries, by Charles Taylor
  • What Makes Us Sick? (July–August 2005)
    A review of Jacalyn Duffin’s Lovers and Livers: Disease Concepts in History
  • Why Did They Strike? (November 2012)
    A political generation gap—invisible to most Anglos—separates Quebec students and parents
  • Culture Clash (June 2010)
    A review of The Authenticity Hoax: How We Got Lost Finding Ourselves, by Andrew Potter, and More Money Than Brains: Why Schools Suck, College Is Crap and Idiots Think They’re Right, by Laura Penny
  • Revisiting a Powerful Myth (July–August 2009)
    A review of The Children’s Crusade: Medieval History, Modern Mythistory by Gary Dickson and Children’s Crusade by Murray Schafer
  • Delicious Canadian Ham (December 2008)
    A review of Up Till Now: The Autobiography, by William Shatner with David Fisher and In Spite of Myself: A Memoir, by Christopher Plummer
  • Empire à la Carte (January–February 2008)
    A review of American Power: Potential and Limits in the 21st Century, edited by Patrick Luciani and Rudyard Griffiths
  • Gobsmacked by the Writing (May 2007)
    A review of The Law of Dreams, by Peter Behrens
  • A Rugged Utopian (January–February 2007)
    A review of Mark Leier’s Bakunin: The Creative Passion
  • Skulking to the Right (May 2006)
    An essay