Reed Scowen

LRC Contributor

Reed Scowen, a member of the LRC’s advisory council, is the author of two books on contemporary Quebec politics. From 1978 to 1984 he and Jacques Parizeau were both members of Quebec’s National Assembly.

Articles by Reed Scowen

  • Rx for the NDP (September 2004)
    A review of Speaking Out: Ideas That Work for Canadians, by Jack Layton
  • Re-Inventing Foreign Policy (December 2004)
    A review of At Home in the World: Canada’s Global Vision for the 21st Century, by Jennifer Welsh
  • Harmless Dragons (May 2005)
    A review of Here Be Dragons: Telling Tales of People, Passion and Power, by Peter C.Newman
  • Transatlantica (September 2005)
    A review of The European Roots of Canadian Identity, by Philip Resnick
  • Searching for Clarity (April 2010)
    A review of La souveraineté du Québec: Hier, aujourd’hui et demain, by Jacques Parizeau
  • An Exercise in Opposites (April 2009)
    A review ofFrank Moores: The Time of His Life, by Janice Wells, and An Honourable Calling: Political Memoirs, by Allan Blakeney
  • Diplomatic Games (June 2007)
    A review of Histoire des relations internationales du Québec, edited by Stéphane Paquin
  • Goodbye, Quebec? (May 2006)
    An essay