Stephen Zeifman

LRC Contributor

Stephen Zeifman is the author of The Family Man (Exile Editions, 1998), The Good Friend (Exile Editions, 2000) and The Ben Calder Story (Exile Editions, 2005), three novels composing “The Toronto Trilogy.” Peripheral Vision (Exile Editions, 2002), a novella, stands off to one side. His poetry has appeared in a number of journals and he has performed spoken word live in Toronto and Upper Amherst Cove.

Articles by Stephen Zeifman

  • The Wind (July–August 2010)
    A poem
  • Prepping for Privilege (November 2009)
    A review of The Best of the Best: Becoming Elite at an American Boarding School, by Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández