Wade Rowland

LRC Contributor

Wade Rowland is a former producer and senior executive at both CBC and CTV, and is now a professor at York University, teaching in the joint York-Ryerson graduate program in communication and culture and in the Atkinson School of Arts and Letters program in culture and expression. He is a former Maclean Hunter Chair of Ethics in Communication at Ryerson University and is author of a number of books, including Greed, Inc. (Thomas Allen, 2005), Galileo’s Mistake (Arcade Publishing, 2003), Spirit of the Web (Key Porter, 1999) and Ockham’s Razor (Key Porter, 1999). He is an unreconstructed CBC radio addict.

Articles by Wade Rowland

  • Fatal Attraction (July–August 2008)
    The CBC’s Richard Stursberg and his romance with ratings.
  • The Hapless Hunt for Paradise Lost (April 2006)
    A review of David F. Noble’s Beyond the Promised Land: The Movement and the Myth