Wesley Wark

LRC Contributor

Wesley Wark is an expert on intelligence and security issues who teaches at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. He served as an expert witness for the defence at the sentencing hearing for Jeffrey Delisle. He is one of the editors of Secret Intelligence: A Reader (Routledge, 2009).

Articles by Wesley Wark

  • Who’s a Flibbertigibbet? (September 2005)
    A review of Intrigue: Espionage and Culture, by Allan Hepburn
  • “Spy, Russians, Secrets, Sold” (April 2013)
    In the Jeffrey Delisle affair, one thing is certain: baffling incompetence on all sides
  • Two Russians in Canada (July–August 2008)
    A review of The Soviet Ambassador: The Making of the Radical Behind Perestroika, by Christopher Shulgan, and Comrade J: The Untold Secrets of Russia’s Master Spy in America after the Cold War, by Pete Earley
  • Spying in Lesovia (January–February 2006)
    A review of Amy Knight’s How the Cold War Began: The Gouzenko Affair and the Hunt for Soviet Spies