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Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

Allan R. Gregg

Allan R. Gregg is chair of Harris-Decima. From 1975 to 1993 he worked for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada as their pollster. Currently he provides political commentary on CBC’s The National and hosts his own talk show on TVO.

Articles by
Allan R. Gregg

Negative Statesmanship

Stephen Harper may end up being known for what he does not do more than for what he does. December 2010
For decades, academics such as Donald Savoie and journalists such as Jeffrey Simpson have been documenting the concentration of power in the central structures of government around the prime minister. Some have attributed this centralization to political ambition, while others cite the more benign necessity of managing an increasingly fragmented and continuous news cycle. Invariably,…