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Every donation — at every level — makes an important difference in helping extend the robust, multi-partisan conversation you’ve come to expect from the Literary Review of Canada.

We’re pleased to thank supporters in an annual acknowledgement in the March issue of the magazine. Those who gave in 2021 are listed below.

$20,000 and Above

Scott & Krystyne Griffin
John Honderich
Rosamond Ivey
The McLean Foundation
The Metcalf Foundation
Richard Rooney
Andrew Stewart


Michael Adams
Margaret Atwood
Chawkers Foundation
Roger & Kevin Garland
The Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Charitable Foundation
Tom Kierans & Mary Janigan
John Macfarlane
Patrick Martin
Frances & Timothy Price
David Staines
Jaime Watt
Eric T. Webster Foundation

Up to $4,999

Anonymous (6)
Robert Anchondo
Ray Argyle
James Arnett
Marilyn & Charles Baillie
Family Foundation
Richard Balfour
Lisa Balfour Bowen
Isabel Bassett
Brian Bell
Lawrence Bennett
Vali Bennett
Joe Berridge
Sarah Bohnet
George & Martha Butterfield
Debra Campbell
Murray Campbell
Robert Cook
Craig Copland
Donna Dasko
Trevor Dickie & Kyle Wyatt
Helen Dixon
Bronwyn Drainie
Christopher Dummit
Sheila Eskenazi & Joseph Graham
Frederick Fajardo
Karen Fisher
Graham Fraser

Frances & William Frisken
Mike Giles
Louise Goldberg
Robert Graham
Ron Graham
Charlotte Gray
Lyndsay Green
John Gross
Neena Gupta
Beth Haddon & Tim Draimin
Sharon Hamilton
Robin Harris & Robin Sears
Andrew Heintzman
Rose Hendrie
Mary Lue Hinds
Valerie Hussey
Kelly Jenkins
Suanne Kelman
Helen & Joe Kertes
Stephen Koerner
Bernard Léveillé
Phil Lind
Nancy Lockhart
Rebecca Luce-Kapler
Margaret MacMillan
David Malone
Sandra Martin
Eithne McCredie
Charles McDonald

Barbara McDougall
John Morey
N. A. Taylor Foundation
Kathryn Pastor
Josephine Petcher
Anna Porter
Miriam & Victor Rabinovitch
Heather Ramsay
Jason Russell
Sandra Shaul
Linda Skilton
Zdzislaw Solecki
Richard Spandlick
John Stackhouse
Derrick Strizic
Sarah & Michael Strizic
Peter Stuart-Sheppard
Chubibay Tite
Jeanine Vivian
Doug Ward
Russell Wardell
Andrew Warren & Marlo Burks
Pat & Norman Webster
Grace Westcott & Peter Grant
Howard Winkler
Hugh Winsor

The magazine also thanks those who have helped with additional financial, logistical, and moral support, and those who have given in kind.