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The Other Side of “Irish Eyes”

Brian Mulroney abroad and at home

The Ramble

Memories from the PMO

Vintage Years

Two political memoirs

Amanda Jernigan

Amanda Jernigan wrote Years, Months, and Days, a lyric ­collection the New York Times named a Best Poetry Book of 2018.

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Amanda Jernigan

Couched in Verse

In Molly Peacock’s latest collection, poetic form, like psychoanalysis, offers safe passage through perilous waters April 2017
A little girl, escaping monsters, washes up on unfamiliar shores where an analyst takes her in. Over 40 years the analyst cares for her, as the little girl turns into a poet, a grown woman, a grey queen. She marries a knight and moves to a faraway land. Then the analyst has a stroke, an AVM (that stands for arteriovenous…