September 2002

  • What’s Wrong With Canadian Universities

     A review of No Place to Learn: Why Universities Aren’t Working, by Tom Pocklington and Alan Tupper
  • The Advantages of Union

    A review of How the Scots Invented the Modern World, by Arthur Herman
  • How the Media Promote White Supremacy

    A review of Discourses of Domination: Racial Bias in the Canadian English-Language Press, by Frances Henry and Carol Tator

  • An American de Tocqueville in Canada

    A review of Why Canadian Unity Matters and Why Americans Care: Democratic Pluralism at Risk, by Charles Doran
  • The Battle for Resources

    A review of The Marshal Decision and Native Rights, by Ken Coates, and Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in the Maritimes: The Marshal Decision and Beyond, by Thomas Isaac
  • Rediscovering Emily Carr

    An excerpt from The Laughing One: A Journey to Emily Carr
  • The Diary of a Man Called God

    A review of The Diaries of Northrop Frye, 1942–1955, edited by Robert D. Denham
  • Two Windows on the Arctic

    A review of Gretel Ehrlich’s This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland and Pierre Perrault’s Le Mal du Nord
  • The Strange War in Ireland

    A review of Grounded in Eire: The Story of Two RAF Fliers Interned in Ireland during World War II, by Ralph Keefer
  • Brief Encounters

  • Postscript

  • The Lonely Balcony

  • Manitoba Pastoral

  • Coughing Blood

    A poem
  • The Cage